Deputy Director for the Swedish Global Hub in Stockholm

Deputy Director for the Swedish Global Hub in Stockholm

Type of offer:

Future Earth is looking for a senior scientist to fill the role of deputy director for its Global Secretariat Hub in Stockholm, Sweden. The deputy director is a hands-on position to support the activities of Future Earth including engagement of the Swedish research community, fundraising and staff management, in close collaboration with the Global Hub Director.

Future Earth is an interdisciplinary research network developing knowledge to tackle the biggest challenges of our time – climate change and sustainability. Our mission is to advance research to support transformations to global sustainability. The secretariat supports the network by developing workshops and conferences, synthesis and policy briefs, capacity building/training and communication. The Swedish Global Hub forms part of the distributed secretariat which supports the network in collaboration with global hubs in Paris, Tokyo, Colorado and Montreal as well as regional offices in other locations. The Swedish hub hosts the Earth Commission, an expert assessment to define the conditions for a safe and just planet to underpin the setting of science-based targets for governments, cities and businesses.

Job responsibilities

Responsibilities include

  • developing and implementing a strategy for deepening the engagement of the Swedish research community in Future Earth
  • developing applications for funding, in collaboration with the Global Hub Director
  • supporting the development and implementation of the international activities of the Global Hub, e.g. developing projects and networks, scientific oversight of meetings and conferences, science-policy briefs and engagement
  • supporting the management of the team associated with the Global Hub (ca. 10 people)
  • supporting the liaison with funders (reporting and budget management)
Location: Stockholm
Organization: Future Earth
Deadline: April 25, 2021
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