Director of Acquisition

Director of Acquisition

Type of offer:

The Director of Acquisition manages staff and teams that create, manage and implement key initiatives or programs designed to advance The Nature Conservancy’s Membership marketing strategies to acquire qualified new and lapsed donors across all prospect audiences and current and future marketing channels, including mail, digital, face-to-face, phone, and video. These integrated strategies acquire qualified donors within acceptable short- and long-term parameters and achieve revenue goals.  

They leverage the digital channel in support and alignment of programmatic fundraising goals to meet the overall membership objectives, focusing on optimizing current digital channels and identifying, monetizing, testing, adapting and implementing new digital acquisition opportunities.

They work closely with and manages relations with other marketing leaders and internal and external key stakeholders, including senior management and internal teams, to direct, oversee, and coordinate implementation and ensure delivery of programs consistent with the vision and goals of the organization. Aligns staff efforts that match priorities set by senior management. Ensures effectiveness of operational delivery of branding principle internally and externally.  Directs diverse activities, develops complex practices and processes, project outcomes and initiates changes.  Manages priority vendor relationships. 


  • Designs and directs complex and diversified projects, coordinating the work of other professionals, and ensuring program accountability.  
  • Manages multi-disciplinary administrative and professional staff.
  • Develops and manages budget, evaluates results and develops corrective strategies as needed.
  • Decision can commit resources for programs or initiatives in a way that has organization wide impact and affects public image.
  • Lead strategic initiatives through collaboration with senior-level stakeholders in order to enhance overall performance in accordance with short and long-term objectives.
  • Plans and leads new programs/initiatives that ensure achievement of department and organization-wide goals.
  • Responsibility and accountability for meeting strategic goals and objectives.
Location: All United States
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: May 16, 2021
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