Greening UNDP Moonshot Coordinator

Greening UNDP Moonshot Coordinator

Type of offer:

1. Moonshot Task Force Secretariat: Support the work of the Moonshot Task Force and its co-chairs.

  • Coordinate meeting logistics, communications, documentations etc.
  • Manage Co-chairs’ communications to the Task Force, senior UNDP management and to other colleagues and units as needed
  • Monitor implementation of Task Force decisions and progress towards the Moonshot targets and report back to the Task Force
  • Develop proposals for considerations by the Task Force
  • Coordinate work of the Technical Review Committee selecting Moonshot proposals, summarizing assessments and facilitating the selection process
  • Support administration of Moonshot Facility funding, travel levy revenues etc. and monitor spending of Moonshot Facility funding by selected projects
  • Support Regional Bureaus in tailoring regional ‘greening’ strategies including Green Funds
  • Support in procurement of Certified Emission Reductions to maintain UNDP climate neutrality as committed by UNDP EG in 2015.
  • Manage update and translation of Greening the Blue tutorial and coordinate launching efforts
  • Coordinate the development and delivery of ‘Green webinars’ including contribution from various UNDP units and Country Offices.
  • Support initiatives to adjust UNDP operational frameworks and policies to incorporate Greening Moonshot aspects, including in particular a carbon tax approach, an environmental policy and strategies for minimizing Greenhouse Gas emissions from mission travel and vehicle fleets.
  • Support exchange of knowledge sharing by overseeing the ‘Sustainable UNDP’ intranet space.

2. Environmental Management Tool [EMT]: Oversee reporting of UNDP’s environmental performance via the EMT, analyze results and report aggregated data to relevant agencies/units

  • Support UNDP offices in using the EMT and provide training, webinars etc. where requested
  • Oversee implementation of EMT upgrades as necessary including in particular dashboards for Regional Bureau and Country-level tracking of Moonshot progress
  • Oversee establishment of 2018/2019 EMT baseline reports for all UNDP offices
  • Coordinate data processing and calculation approaches with the Sustainable UN Facility under the Greening the Blue campaign. In particular, coordinate with UNEP and other key UN organizations to efficiently consolidate reporting efforts and systems among agencies in shared locations such as One UN houses.
  • Report annual UNDP GHG emission results to UNEP for inclusion in ‘Greening the Blue’ annual report, ExO for Annual Reporting and other communications channels as necessary.

3. Sustainability technical support for UNDP offices: Provide technical support to Country Offices and Regional Service Centers for monitoring, reducing and offsetting GHG emissions.

  • Support UNDP offices in analyzing and strategizing the use of new technologies including in particular renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions, waste management and water management solutions
  • Develop and provide guidance and training as requested, provide EMT training, webinars etc.
  • Provide technical guidance on ad-hoc basis

4. Greening UNDP Moonshot Plan: Following the endorsement of the Task Force, develop a ‘Greening UNDP Moonshot Plan’.

  • Building on already implemented measures and achievements, and in view of plans adopted by other UN agencies, draft a proposal for a Greening Plan for Task Force consideration including in particular a proposal for Moonshot progress tracking per UNDP office.
  • Coordinate consultations for plan development, approval and implementation.
  • Prepare briefs, communications, training materials etc. as necessary for plan approval and implementation.
  • Support external communication of the plan, including website and plan publication

5. HQ Greening Plan: Under the Greening Moonshot Commitment, all UNDP offices are asked to develop office-level plans to work toward the Moonshot targets. For HQ, this includes in particular developing proposals for moving towards renewable energy, implementing best practice waste management and avoiding single-use plastic.

  • Develop HQ Greening Plan in cooperation and consultation with relevant colleagues and units
  • Oversee EMT reporting of annual reporting of GHG emissions associated with HQ operations
  • Provide sustainability technical support for HQ operations as needed

6. Support UNDP representation in UN Greening the Blue: Coordinate UNDP’s ‘greening’ initiative with UN-wide efforts under the Greening the Blue campaign.

  • Support UNDP representation in bi-annual meetings of the Issues Management Group (IMG) on Sustainability Management
  • Supports UNDP responses to UN-wide requests including EMG proposals, JIU reports etc.
  • Support UNDP participation in UN working groups to establish UN-wide guidelines and standards for aspects critical to UNDP operations, e.g. on offsetting/climate neutrality claims, waste management and environmental reporting software
  • Advise and support greening efforts in shared premises, in particular One UN houses
  • Support development of ‘UNDP green success’ case studies and ensure communication via, social media, UN-wide publications etc.
Location: Remote
Organization: UNDP
Deadline: February 27, 2021
External website link: