Marine Protected Area Project Manager

Marine Protected Area Project Manager

Type of offer:

NRDC is seeking a Marine Protected Areas Project Manager to work in our Beijing office primarily on marine protected areas in China. Supporting effectively protected marine areas will contribute to a healthier marine ecosystem in the face of climate change. The person will also do work on domestic ocean fisheries management in China, working in close collaboration with NRDC’s current Fishery Project Manager. Supporting more robust fisheries within the nation’s domestic waters will help achieve food security goals and promote ocean health. The person will be responsible for a broad spectrum of activities, including supporting the strengthening of China’s marine protection laws, working with key officials, academic institutions, NGOs and scientists, and helping to build the capacity and engagement of Chinese NGOs and academics. This person will liaise with government officials; identify and coordinate with other NGOs, academics and key institutions that are influential on marine protected areas; take the lead in organizing workshops and study tours; and build relationships with decision makers and key stakeholders.


The  Marine Protected Areas Project Manager  will work in partnership with NRDC’s Fishery Project Manager and report to the Senior Strategist for NRDC’s Oceans Division and to the Conservation Director of the China Nature Program, as well as receive guidance from other senior staff in China and the U.S.


  • Work on strengthening and expanding China’s system of marine protected areas, including working on China’s marine protection Laws, regulations and practices and advising on opportunities to strengthen these laws and their implementation;
  • Meet regularly with government officials to provide NRDC’s perspective on marine protected areas;
  • Organize workshops in China concerning marine protected areas;
  • Organize study tours to other countries to learn about their systems of marine protected areas;
  • Research and write reports on China’s marine protected areas;
  • Identify local NGOs and develop strong working relationships with them so as to increase their capacity and engagement in marine protected area management;
  • Work closely with NRDC’s Fisheries Project Manager on issues related to domestic marine fisheries management law, policies, and practices;
  • Attend relevant meetings and conferences;
  • Support consultants hired in China, including: helping monitor progress of reports; assisting consultants’ work, as needed; tracking consultants’ expenses; and arranging meetings between consultants and U.S.-staff;
  • Write fact sheets and other materials in Chinese; translate documents from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese, as needed.
Location: Beijing
Organization: NRDC
Deadline: March 28, 2021
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