National Administrative Technical Associate (NATA)

National Administrative Technical Associate (NATA)

Type of offer:

In order to consolidate UNIDO/SECO interventions on trade standards compliance within one tool, adding the benefit of a global component facilitating synergies and enhancing coherence among the interventions, UNIDO and SECO have developed a coherent programmatic approach: the Global Quality and Standards Programme (GQSP). The GQSP supports selected countries to align the demand for and supply of quality services required to prove and verify the quality of products. It will have two components (1) Global Knowledge Management (C1) and (2) Country Projects. 

The project “Quality Programme for the Chemical Value Chain” has been developed to be considered under component 2 and its overall objective is to foster Colombia’s integration into the regional and multilateral trading systems, through the strengthening of the National Quality Subsystem (SICAL) within the framework of the priorities of the 10 industrial groups that compose the Chemical Value Chain and the increase and improvement of MSME’s capacities to comply with technical requirements, international quality, private and sustainability standards required for trade facilitation. The project includes three complementary outcomes that are aligned to the Global Quality and Standards Programme (GQSP), to be implemented over a period of four years: 

Outcome 1: The sustainability and technical competence of the National Quality Subsystem SICAL are improved in the relevant areas to strategic sectors of the Chemical Value Chain to improve its competitiveness and favorize its access to new markets. 

Outcome 2: The capacity of the MSMEs of the Chemical Value Chain to comply with technical regulations, international quality, private and sustainability standards is enhanced. 

Outcome 3: The awareness for quality is enhanced for the improvement of quality and competitiveness.

Duty Station: Bogota, Colombia

Duration: 6 months (with possibility of extension)

Main Functions

The results of the assignment will cover activities pertaining to the mentioned Outcomes, in particular those related with monitoring, administrative support and operational follow-up and execution. Also will cover cross-cutting tasks not included in the previous three outcomes, mainly related with finance, procurement, communication and other management support issues. As a part of the Project Management Unit (PMU), the NATA will conduct his/her activities under the supervision of UNIDO’s DTA/DTI/QIS Project Manager, and under the coordination of the National Technical Coordinator (NTC) and the National Quality Specialist (NQS). Furthermore, he/she will closely collaborate with the National Technical Coordinator and project staff in the field. To this end, the NATA will have the following main responsibilities:

– Contribute to the preparation of work plans, fielding of experts, trainings, fellowships, sub-contracts, purchase of equipment, etc.

– Assist in the managerial and financial monitoring of the project and its activities and collect relevant information (including a possible review of indicators and budget revisions).

– Facilitate requisitions/purchase orders, terms of reference, and assists in ensuring the technical evaluation of received offers according to UNIDO rules and regulations. In particular, support the monitoring of proper delivery of procured equipment and services to the country.

– Assist with the organization of Steering Committee meetings and other governance and non-governance meetings.

– Performance of relevant tasks in SAP necessary for the smooth project implementation.

– Support the preparation of mid-year and year-end progress reports, including financial reports, to the donor based on relevant specifications.

– Support the project manager in his day-to- day operational work and in the administrative, monitoring and communication areas of the programme and its activities. 

– Carry out any other assignment requested by the Project Manager.

Finally, the NATA will contribute in the review of final reports of documents that will be edited by PMU, taking into consideration the technical inputs developed by other consultants within the framework of this project. This review is an ongoing process throughout the duration of the ISA and will not require extra days.

Location: Colombia
Organization: UNIDO
Deadline: March 8, 2021
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