Natural Resource Manager, Kauai Terrestrial Program

Natural Resource Manager, Kauai Terrestrial Program

Type of offer:

The Natural Resource Manager (NRM) provides technical and scientific guidance for conservation priorities including field operations, data collection and analysis, conservation action planning (CAP), and measures of conservation success and reporting. The NRM also works with other resource managers, partners, landowners to build and sustain a collaborative approach toward management activities across the island. Activities include alien animal and plant control, research, resource monitoring, evaluation of project sites, and partner coordination. The NRM leads or guides the development of long-range, annual, and specific management and conservation plans and budgets, and negotiates and manages contracts to accomplish management objectives. The NRM oversees safety protocols and training for field staff and volunteers. The NRM is responsible for maintaining records of management plans and budgets, management activities, and scientific information, including resource and threat monitoring and research conducted by other partners. The NRM assists with fundraising and community outreach. Some weekend work is required. The NRM will supervise Field Coordinators, Field Technicians, volunteers, and interns. 


  • Develops and implements large-scale watershed protection projects aimed at controlling invasive plants and animals.
  • Manages experimental weed and feral animal control operations in remote, rugged areas.
  • Develops deliverables for watershed protection grants and contracts.
  • Designs and conducts field, helicopter and drone surveys to monitor forest health and assess the efficacy of management actions.
  • Collects and manages GPS and GIS data related to conservation goals, objectives, and activities.
  • Conducts research on current science, provides spatial data analysis, and reports on program actions.
  • Supervises field staff in planning and executing fieldwork and other essential tasks.
  • Participates in field operations in remote, rugged terrain involving camping and helicopter transport.
  • Delivers innovative tools, biodiversity data, field services and training to staff and partners.
  • May work in variable weather conditions, at remote locations, in hazardous terrain and under physically demanding circumstances.
  • Acts independently on assigned tasks and exercises independent judgements based on analysis, experience and judgement.
  • Interprets guidelines, evaluates information, and modifies processes to adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Will obtain related licenses or certifications such as Wilderness First Aid/CPR, helicopter safety and sling load training, Hawai’i State hunting license, and commercial drone pilot license to be able to perform the functions of the Field Technician.
Location: Hawaii
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: June 13, 2021
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