NTERN (Hydro-informatics): Responsible Artificial Intelligence-RAI

NTERN (Hydro-informatics): Responsible Artificial Intelligence-RAI

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Water-Related Disasters (WRD) (cyclones, floods, and droughts) account for an overwhelming 90% of natural  disasters.  Since  the  year  2000  through  the  end  of  2018,  a  total  of  5,338  WRD  have  been reported, leading to over 326,000 fatalities and economic losses of more than USD 1.7 trillion globally. Floods account for about 54 % of all WRDs. In 2018 alone, WRD have caused an economic loss of USD 137  billion.  The magnitude  of  water-related  economic  loss  is  expected  to  increase  yearly  due  to  the increasing  frequency  and  intensity  of  severe  weather  events  attributed  to  climate  change,  such  as drought periods, heavy rainfall, and heatwaves.

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology was previously primarily applied in computer science, it now encompasses  several  other  fields  thatcollaborate  with  each  other  such  as  biology,  neuroscience, engineering,    environment,    education,    robotics,    biomechanics,    material    sciences,    economics, healthcare, and business management applications.There is an increasing AI adoption to provide tools for WRD forecasting, impact assessment, and societal resilience. These AI-based tools are powered by the large-scale transboundary water-related disaster data that is available under open-access. The emergence of AI is expected to have a net positive impact on the management of WRD. However, there is a need to learn from the private sector and develop a better understanding of the potential for negative or unintended AI use for WRD.We are looking for an intern to assist in developing a review paper on Responsible AI for WRD –Key Themes, Concerns & Recommendations.

Description of Responsibilities

  • Collect and synthesize data on different aspects of Responsible AI for WRD.
  • Search and arrange literature on AI key areas and issues for WRD (ethics, design, responsibility, socioeconomic impacts, and ethics).
  • Prepare a draft of the stateoftheart review on the status of Responsible AI for WRD.
  • Undertake additional tasks as assigned by the supervisor
Location: Remote
Organization: United Nations University
Deadline: April 21, 2021
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