Philanthropy Learning Specialist (Location Negotiable)

Philanthropy Learning Specialist (Location Negotiable)

Type of offer:

The Philanthropy Learning Specialist will be responsible for designing and participating in the development and implementation of training programs that build staff capacity and expertise in support of a program.


The Philanthropy Learning Specialist will design, develop, and deliver high quality on-demand, virtual and in-person learning experiences and assets that drive engagement and development at all levels of the organization, foster a culture of philanthropy, and equip staff and volunteers to maximize their contributions to TNC’s conservation outcomes. The Specialist will:

  • Design, develop and deliver philanthropy learning programming that integrates diversity, equity, and inclusion, meets the needs of staff, and aligns with organizational priorities
  • Design and develop dynamic, interactive, and visually appealing on-demand, micro, and just-in-time learning that incorporates video, simulation, and other approaches to asynchronous learning
  • Utilize the latest and most appropriate technology to deliver and monitor high quality, flexible and innovative learning programs and experiences
  • Design the look and feel of digital and printed learning assets using graphic design, animation, video, and audio editing
  • Ensure learning solutions are user-friendly, searchable, and accessible
  • Curate and manage up-to-date, essential resources and best practices for the Development division
  • Work collaboratively with key stakeholders to determine role-based learning paths
  • Advise and consult on learning design, strategies, and tools
  • Pilot and refine new learning offerings to scale

The Philanthropy Learning Specialist will work towards meeting strategic priorities by developing and coordinating training tactics. They will assess training needs and provide advice and recommendations in the process of developing training curriculums that will be delivered through a variety of methods. They will provide support to evaluate and maintain existing training programs. They may deliver trainings and/or develop learning tools, including producing documentation and/or setting up technology-based training environments. They will collaborate with subject matter experts and staff at all levels in order to develop training initiatives. They will provide technical expertise regarding design, methods, and techniques for training programs. They may evaluate and select vendors, as required. The Specialist maintains expert knowledge of the systems and resources utilized by the team, providing organization support, and designing communications related to the resources. They will analyze situations, evaluate alternatives, modify processes and practices, and implement solutions in order to improve effectiveness. The Specialist will keep up-to-date on market trends and best practices in order to improve services. They will serve as key team member for the enhancement of systems and tools used by the team. They will provide guidance in satisfying requirements based on extensive knowledge of policies and procedures.


  • Act independently and in supervisor’s stead as needed; exercise independent judgment to identify and solve problems;
  • Demonstrate sensitivity in handling confidential information;
  • Does not supervise any staff but may take a leadership role in interdepartmental teams to coordinate the work of peers;
  • Ensure Conservancy policies, procedures, and financial standards are met and managed for compliance; decisions may bind the organization financially or legally;
  • Assist with the development of and work within a budget; negotiate and contract with vendors;
  • Implement program’s strategic goals;
  • Lead project teams as assigned for the development and implementation of new initiatives or the improvement of existing programs;
  • Manage and implement multiple projects, including managing budget, setting deadlines and ensuring accountability;
  • May manage or participate in complex negotiations;
  • Provide oversight for one or more key functions of the team;
  • Work is diversified and may not always fall under established practices and guidelines;
  • Travel frequently, work long and flexible hours as needed; and
  • Work environment involves only infrequent exposure to disagreeable elements and minor physical exertion and/or strain.
Location: All United States
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: July 4, 2021
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