Regional Organizer (Midwest or West Coast)

Regional Organizer (Midwest or West Coast)

Type of offer:

RAN is looking for a motivated, passionate and energetic Organizer in the Midwest or on the West Coast, to support RAN’s Organizing Program. In this position you will use your high level of professionalism, strong organizational skills and smart strategic coordination to accelerate a global transition to truly clean energy production.

The ideal candidate will be able to build and establish relationships with networks through a variety of outreach. Exceptionally strong writing skills and an ability to train volunteers in various environments (traditional/digital). Experience working with Indigenous communities and a track record of taking projects to successful completion are also highly desired.

Specific Duties

  • Support strategies in the Midwest or West Coast, that support keeping fossil fuels in the ground and keeping forests standing;
  • Maintain an active national network with established activist groups and allies through outreach and leadership development;
  • Support strategies to build partnerships with youth and BIPOC-led coalitions and organizations;
  • Broaden RAN’s collaborative organizing into diverse constituencies, frontline and Indigenous communities;
  • Develop and train new volunteer leaders and groups, especially from communities of color disproportionately impacted by climate change;
  • Implement agreed-upon organizing and campaign activities that expose destructive practices and build toward creative solutions;
  • Conduct, direct or support research to be used for crafting strategy or for specific goals and activities;
  • In conjunction with other departments at RAN design, create, organize and use a range of tools (direct actions, direct communication, traditional and social media, briefing sheets, and other tools) to communicate with target audiences and to achieve objectives;
  • Draft compelling communications and advocacy materials, including email and social media content;
  • Represent RAN at events as well as act as a public spokesperson for RAN;
  • Train activists in non-violent direct action, media and communication skills, grassroots organizing;
  • Work openly and cooperatively with other team members;
  • Participate in weekly RAN staff meetings;
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