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Founded in 1964 by the late Nobel Laureate Abdus Salam and located in Trieste (Italy), the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) seeks to accomplish its mandate by providing scientists from developing countries with the continuing education and skills that they need to enjoy long and productive careers.

The Programmes and Advancement Section focuses on raising funds for ICTP programmes, managing and promoting a wide range of ICTP educational and training programmes in support of scientists in their home countries, as well as providing opportunities for scientists to visit ICTP and carry out research at the Centre or in Italian laboratories.

Under the supervision of the Director ICTP, the incumbent will head the Programmes and Advancement Section and be responsible for leading institute advancement and fund raising, work with partner, associated and federated institutes, organization of education and training programmes, as well as ICTP conferences and events.

Long Description
The incumbent will perform the following duties:


Supervise and coordinate the work of the Units responsible for implementation of the ICTP training and educational programmes, external activities, outreach and institute advancement, as well as ICTP conference services. Establish priorities, work objectives and monitor the standards of excellence in performance, ensuring the effective use of human and financial resources and availability of necessary event management tools and systems. Promote good working practices and learning.

Lead and coordinate the development of long-term strategic plan for ICTP advancement and outreach programme, devise ICTP outreach strategy to increase Centre’s visibility and reach out to as many countries and scientific institutions as possible. Oversee the work of Public Information Office and incorporate it into the overall outreach strategy.

Provide authoritative advice to the Director ICTP on the further enhancement of the Centre’s Education Programmes. In collaboration with the heads of the scientific sections and programmes, develop a holistic and cohesive service across the various programmes on a 360 degrees basis. Oversee the work of Conference Support Service, organizing over 70 training and learning events annually, and direct the provision of event management services.

Plan and devise strategies for the further development of the External Activities, the Associated and Federated Institutes and the Institute Advancement programmes, ensure successful implementation of the approved strategies and evaluate the impact of the activities implemented. Build strategic partnerships and alliances with other scientific institutions and potential donors. Develop resource mobilization strategies, negotiate with government authorities and key decision makers at scientific institutions the possibility of providing additional funding in support of ICTP scientific programmes. Strengthen the cooperation with other international organizations (such as IAEA) through synergetic activities and represent ICTP in negotiations as delegated by Director ICTP.
Long Description
Coordinate and oversee the ICTP relationships with the newly established ICTP Centre in Rwanda (East African Institute for Fundamental Research), UNESCO Category II Institute. In collaboration with EAIFR Director, lead the work of Centre, provide vision and guidance on its management and development. Negotiate the financial support for the Centre and ensure its adequate staffing. Develop training programmes. Provide authoritative advice to the Director on further development of the Centre. Represent ICTP on the governing bodies of other Category II Institutes collaborating with ICTP, serve as  one of key decision makers on their strategic direction and work priorities. Acts as focal point on analysis of applications, strategic value of and establishment of new partner institutes.

Undertake front-line research, develop and implement scientific projects in own area of expertise. Lead the work of research groups, supervise the research work of postdoctoral research scientists and/or Diploma Course students, STEP students and ICTP Associates. Give lectures and scientific presentations during events and activities organized by ICTP and be responsible for the visiting and training programmes in own field of research.

As a member or a chair of ICTP advisory bodies, advise the Director ICTP on scientific and administrative issues of major importance to the Centre, as well as directions for it’s future development.

Location: Trieste
Organization: UNESCO
Deadline: September 7, 2020
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