Senior Philanthropy Learning Manager (Location Negotiable)

Senior Philanthropy Learning Manager (Location Negotiable)

Type of offer:

The Senior Philanthropy Learning Manager directs multiple activities within the Philanthropy Learning program. The role will be responsible for managing and providing organizational services and resources including delivery of training, training of trainers, curriculum review and management, philanthropy subject matter expertise, learning evaluation, learning advisory board management, etc.


The Senior Philanthropy Learning Manager will design and deliver high quality virtual and in-person learning experiences that drive engagement and development at all levels of the organization, foster a culture of philanthropy, and equip staff and volunteers to maximize their contributions to TNC’s conservation outcomes. The Manager will:

  • Facilitate trainings, retreats, and other philanthropy learning events and experiences with various audiences including volunteer leaders and senior executives
  • Recruit, train, and retain a highly qualified pool of trainers and subject matter experts (internal & external) to develop and deliver philanthropy learning in collaboration with the Philanthropy Consulting Coordinator
  • Serve as a Philanthropy subject matter expert in the design and development of philanthropy learning programming and resources that meets the needs of staff, is tailored for different key stakeholders, and align with the Strategic Fundraising Initiatives
  • Manage and establish standard processes for conducting regular curriculum reviews to ensure alignment with strategic priorities, philanthropy thought leadership & best practices in the industry and at TNC, while attending to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Develop and manage philanthropy learning evaluations that meet industry standards and demonstrate return on investment; lead the data analysis and utilization of data
  • Identify current and future workforce requirements to understand what we’ll need to do and learn, to deliver on strategic priorities and objectives and integrate into learning offerings

The Manager will work towards meeting the strategic priorities of the program by developing and coordinating plans and related tactics, and overseeing day-to-day tasks. They will manage guidelines and analyze factual information to achieve results, improve workflow, and solve problems. They will contribute to the development of new guidelines and report to senior leadership on functional activities. They reinforce consistency in the organization’s policies and procedures, and provide support related to their relevant field(s). They will provide advice, recommendations, and broad training related to the functional area. The Manager  maintains expert knowledge of the systems and resources utilized by the team; applies knowledge to managing organization support and planning communications related to the resources. They will manage documentation, initiate complex processes, and serve as key team member for the enhancement of systems and tools used by the team. The Manager works in close cooperation with any or all of the following: Conservancy staff, donors, Trustees, vendors, public agencies, financial institutions and legal and accounting professionals. They will lead diverse activities, analyze situations, evaluate alternatives, project outcomes, and implement solutions in order to improve effectiveness.


  • Act independently, exercise independent judgment to identify and solve complex problems.
  • Decisions may have program-wide impact and may bind the organization financially or legally.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity in handling confidential information.
  • Design and manage multiple projects, directing work of staff, managing budget, setting deadlines, and ensuring accountability.
  • Design and plan new initiatives that will ensure department and organization-wide goals and strategies are achieved.
  • Does not supervise any staff but may take a leadership role in interdepartmental teams to coordinate the work of peers;
  • Ensure programmatic commitments, TNC policies and procedures, and financial standards are met and managed for compliance.
  • Financial responsibilities include budget planning and assisting with monitoring and administration of a budget.
  • Manage team accountability for strategic goals related to functional area.
  • May direct or participate in negotiations for complex or sensitive agreements.
  • Minimize legal risk to the Conservancy and ensure legal compliance with applicable state and local regulation.
  • Responsibility includes training and professional development.
  • Travel frequently and on short notice, work long or flexible hours as needed.
  • Work checked through consultation and agreement with others rather than by directives of superiors.
  • Work environment involves only infrequent exposure to disagreeable elements and minor physical exertion and/or strain.
Location: All United States
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: July 4, 2021
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