Sustainability Associate (Operations Program Coordinator)

Sustainability Associate (Operations Program Coordinator)

Type of offer:

The Sustainability Associate will be responsible for capturing and organizing carbon-emitting business activity data from TNC’s central expense data systems to support organization-wide carbon footprint reporting. 

Tracking and reporting on the progress TNC is achieving in meeting carbon emission reduction goals is a key function of TNC’s Sustainability Program. The Sustainability Associate plays a key role to support this function by gathering carbon emission business activity data from central expense data systems for TNC’s entire 4,000 staff workforce from all 79 countries where TNC works.  Queries in TNC’s Concur Expense and Concur Invoice systems are used to locate records for carbon-emitting business activity and data is manually transcribed to enable summary and analyses.  For example, individual airport-to-airport flight legs are transcribed from scanned flight itineraries for all flights flown by TNC staff.  Electricity (kWh), natural gas (therms), propane (gallons), and heating oil (gallons) consumption data is transcribed from scanned utility bills. Data is also transcribed from insurance property schedules for TNC facilities and vehicles. Attention to detail to ensure data accuracy of captured data is a critical part of this job. They may assist with the recruitment and training of program volunteers and may coordinate the activities of volunteers. In addition, the Sustainability Associate may perform Information Systems, Human Resources, and Finance administrative tasks, including processing forms, preparing reports, and monitoring budgets.  They will use available systems and resources to maintain, track, and research data, and to produce and review reports. They will apply established processes and practices in order to improve effectiveness and to document program procedures for reference by staff. They will coordinate activities with multiple variables, set realistic deadlines and manage the timeline. The Sustainability Associate may handle inquiries about business unit activities and assist in the development of program materials and correspondence. They will work cooperatively with Conservancy staff, providing information necessary to make decisions and solve problems. The Sustainability Associate may communicate on behalf of their supervisor with internal and external sources, including staff, donors, vendors, and businesses in order to coordinate arrangements, convey information, and ensure successful execution of program.  The Sustainability Associate will report to the Director of Sustainability.  The expected time commitment is 35 hours per week for most weeks but with occasional shorter weeks (25-35 hours/week) depending on the ebb and flow of work demands



  • Process thousands of TNC expense records from central data systems to document carbon-emitting business activities;
  • Perform duties under general supervision and established guidelines;
  • Make day-to-day decisions within the scope of work assignments and prioritize work independently;
  • Identify routine problems and utilize existing resources for resolution, referring difficult questions and problems to supervisor;
  • Demonstrate sensitivity in handling confidential information;
  • Does not supervise any staff, but may supervise volunteers, interns, or temporary staff;
  • Financial responsibility may include purchasing, processing invoices, contracting with vendors, and assisting with budget tracking; and
  • Serve as a team member for assigned projects.
Location: Oregon
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: May 30, 2021
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