NEA Lessons Learned Workshop

30 November 2021


The Lessons Learned Workshop will take place viartually via Zoom over six three-hour sessions The sessions will include presentations by UNEP-WCMC, UFZ and country partners of the NEA Initiative

There will be inputs from other organizational partners, including UNDP BES-Net and UNESCO LINKS. Engagement through breakout rooms and Miro activities will be facilitated by the NEA project team.

The Workshop aims to:

1. Present the Lessons Learned Report and the methodology of data collection used, as a process to be reiterated and to gather further feedback from participants.
2. Facilitate sharing of lessons from country partners around the less developed sections of the report/NEA processes within the report.
3. Encourage and facilitate the learning and sharing of experiences between country patners undertaking the NEA, with some guidance from partner organizations.

To join the Zoom meetings:

Meeting ID: 967 2058 1532
Passcode: 221218

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