Tailoring the IPBES methodology for national ecosystem assessments

30 November 0800


The aim of this webinar is to enhance understanding of how the IPBES methodology can be tailored to support national ecosystem assessments (NEA). In particular, we will highlight the importance of the key elements of a national ecosystem assessment to ensure relevance, credibility, and legitimacy of the assessment process and findings to enhance the NEAs potential to support decision-making.

The webinar objectives are to:

> Provide an overview of the IPBES methodology for conducting ecosystem assessments and how this can be tailored to NEAs;

> Demonstrate the importance of the key elements relevant to authors in the NEA process; and

> Highlight the role of authors and the IPBES methodology in supporting coherent messaging throughout the assessment process.


Weblink https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAodOuoqD8vG9b4hJTT8fo9xXjnRJJtX0n0

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