Advocacy and Engagement Officer

Advocacy and Engagement Officer

Type of offer:

The CETAF community unites major natural history and natural science museums, botanic gardens and research centres in Europe to create a unique research network made up by 40 Members including 70 research organizations across 22 countries.

The collections at the heart of CETAF Members facilitate fundamental geodiversity and biodiversity research, particularly in taxonomy and systematics, that enables ground-breaking discoveries across broad fields of science. The CETAF community jointly holds 1.5 billion specimens that represent about 80% of the world’s described species. These institutions and their researchers are custodians of this irreplaceable natural heritage that serves scientific and social progress.

What will you be in charge of?

  • Monitoring, analysing, and reporting on the activities and policies of relevant EU and international organisations and entities.

  • Contributing to define and implement an advocacy strategy for the organization.

  • Building alliances and defining frameworks for partnerships with relevant organizations in the CETAF scientific-related field.

  • Coordinating  CETAF’s engagement activities in collaborative EU funded projects (responsible for the preparation of deliverables, strategies and research) and initiatives, from implementation and project management.

  • Representing CETAF at external events and in project meetings.

  • As a team member, helping in the adequate running of the General Secretariat Office, including supporting the organisation of CETAF meetings, events, General Assemblies, etc.

Location: Brussels
Organization: CETAF
Deadline: July 4, 2021
External website link: