Africa Sustainable Finance Analyst

Africa Sustainable Finance Analyst

Type of offer:

The Africa Sustainable Finance Analyst will assist regional landscape programs in defining and executing sustainable financing plans. Working with project teams, they will define the annual expenses needed to maintain strong conservation management and design a blended revenue model to meet that need. They will work closely with TNC and other stakeholders in the landscape to define what sustainable and durable financing solutions exist or could be created for tangible lasting outcomes. Landscapes may include northern Kenya, Northern Tanzania, Western Zambia, and others. This position will report to the TNC Africa Finance and Operations Director and can be based at any of the TNC office locations in Kenya, Tanzania, or Zambia.



The Africa Sustainable Finance Analyst will work closely with the Africa Indigenous Landscape Protection Strategy Director, Freshwater Director, and the Conservation Director in meeting TNC Africa’s conservation goals through detailed financial analysis and planning, creative thinking, strategizing and execution.  The role  will support this critical planning phase in collaboration with the Kenya Focal Place Manager, Kenya Country Director and Kenya Conservation Trust Fund Coordinator to assess total annual financial need and current revenue, then strategize how to close any gap in resources (via endowment, debt restructure, etc. for example) to accomplish this and other TNC Africa conservation goals.

The Africa Sustainable Finance Analyst will collaborate with TNC Worldwide Office teams, Africa Regional staff, Conservancy senior management, and partner organizations to bring sophisticated business, financial, and economic analysis and expertise to the design and implementation of the Conservancy’s sustainable finance needs in our priority landscapes. They develop, lead and implement our overall sustainable finance strategy for terrestrial and freshwater programs with  a strong focus on developing financial mechanisms through public and private sources associated with an overall approach in support of Indigenous People and Local Communities self-determination, rights, governance, ownership, capacity, and capabilities to ongoing sustainable financing programs in partnership with local and national governments. They will lead implementation of innovative long-term financing models such as the Project Finance for Permanence (PFP) approaches. These are key for the goal of durable and lasting protection for nature while providing community development benefits for people.


  • Utilizes financial scenarios and models to strategize for program success.
  • Sets priorities for the design and implementation of sustainable finance models across the TNC Africa portfolio.
  • Analyzes annual program expenses in priority landscapes and countries, and designs finance mechanisms through public and private revenue models to meet that need.
  • Implements, manages and evaluates multiple new sustainable financing mechanisms that promote strong Africa conservation outcomes.
  • Responsible for developing and leading a long-term sustainable finance strategy; revenue solutions may include ecosystem service payments, annual fundraising, government partnerships, taxes or user fees, endowments, corporate partnerships and more.
  • Will identify and analyze key financing mechanisms and models that support long-term funding for conservation programs.
  • Identifies, develops, and leads strategic partnerships both within TNC and externally that can provide technical expertise and help leverage long-term financing solutions.
  • Makes independent decisions frequently based on analysis, experience and judgement.
  • Ensures programmatic commitments, TNC policies and procedures, financial standards and legal requirements are met and managed for compliance.
  • May direct or participate in negotiations for complex, high profile, or sensitive agreements.
Location: Kenya
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: May 30, 2021
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