Agriculture Finance Specialist

Agriculture Finance Specialist

Type of offer:

The Agriculture Finance Specialist will be part of the IFACC team and her/his primary role will be to collaborate with companies, lenders and investors in the creation/adaptation of finance mechanisms that support farmers in their transition to DCF production.  This work will include synthesizing the case for action for lenders and investors, raising visibility and commitments to DCF finance, and catalyzing the creation of new mechanisms and disbursements of capital. Work will be primarily focused in Brazil but with strong interaction and support to colleagues in Argentina and Paraguay, and with important connections with our IFACC finance colleagues in the U.S. and Europe.  This position will report to TNC´s Business and Investment Officer, based in in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The preferred location for this position is the TNC Sao Paulo, Brazil office where key TNC finance staff and TFA Latin America staff are located.


The Agriculture Finance Specialist will collaborate with colleagues within TNC, the Tropical Forest Alliance, the United Nations Environmental Program and partner organizations to execute the initiative, including:

  • Compile, synthesize and package information into compelling narratives for target audiences, building on existing business case analysis conducted by TNC and our partners;
  • Engage with target banks, companies, development banks and investors to expand their commitments and implementation of DCF finance mechanisms;
  • Provide support to maintain and strengthen relationships with target public institutions, including central banks, state-owned banks and agriculture ministries to support the adoption of the case for action for DCF finance;
  • Work with other NGOs and initiatives in this area to share information and coordinate efforts;
  • Liaise with IFACC team members in Argentina, Paraguay, U.S. and Europe;
  • Track the impact of the initiative based on key performance indicators and adopt the IFACC strategy and approach over time.
Location: Brazil
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: May 2, 2021
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