Applied Scientist: Terrestrial Ecosystem Modeling

Applied Scientist: Terrestrial Ecosystem Modeling

Type of offer:

We’re looking for an ecologist who has experience with modeling plant ecosystems, focusing on the carbon cycle. Knowledge of global plant species distribution models is a plus. In this role you’ll have the opportunity to work with a world-class team of scientists and engineers, to build and deploy the ecological prediction module that will form the backend to LandOS. Your work will directly impact Earthshot’s methodology for determining how carbon is expected to accumulate in restored ecosystems over time, under different management scenarios. Through reading the primary research literature and working with state-of-the-art ecosystem models, you will aid in designing a modeling system that accurately portrays ecosystem services, and the financial outcomes for landowners that will catalyze ecological restoration on a massive scale.


  • Advanced degree in terrestrial ecology (e.g. biology, ecology, geography)
  • Experience with land surface modeling (e.g. Community Land Model)
  • Experience with remotely sensed global ecological data sets (e.g. above ground biomass, soil carbon, leaf area index)
  • Experience with applying data science and machine learning to solving scientific problems
  • Proficiency in Python or another scripting language commonly used for machine learning
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, as evidenced through research grants, publications, or conference presentations
  • Ability to define and execute projects on a timeline
  • A deep love for nature and desire to help build a more integrated future for humanity within it
Location: Remote
Organization: Earth Shot Labs
Deadline: April 30, 2022
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