Associate Director, Social Media and Engagement Strategy

Associate Director, Social Media and Engagement Strategy

Type of offer:

The Associate Director, Social Media and Engagement Strategy will focus on developing the overarching strategy to drive digital engagement through our online content production, social media and paid ads channels and put the systems in place by which to measure success. This role will work closely with other members of the Communications, Digital Campaigning & Organising and Digital Fundraising teams. 

Key outputs include:

  • Design, optimize, and oversee’s growth and engagement strategy across social media platforms and website
  • Efficient and accessible systems to monitor engagement, reach, and impact across the organization.Embed growth and engagement strategy in organization-wide projects and campaigns
  • Digital and social media training for staff
  • Managing the Social Media and Engagement budget
  • Cultivating and fostering a well-functioning team
  • Global paid ads program that weaves together campaigning, direct donate, and everything in between to create an engaging and cohesive user journey for supporters.

Final Decider on:

  • Overall social and paid media engagement strategy, in collaboration with the Communications Director 
  • Strategy development and content coordination during global days of action and key mobilisation

Duties and Responsibilities:

Satisfying the role described above will require performing the following responsibilities:

  • Digital media strategies: develop and oversee strategic global digital media communications plans for specific campaigns and regional events
    • Develops and implements the overarching strategy to drive digital engagement through our online content production, social media channel and distribution of multimedia work that engages social media followers in climate action
    • Develop comprehensive digital engagement strategies designed to educate and mobilize audiences, including new audiences
    • Drive the evolution of digital engagement by identifying appropriate new engagement tools, approaches and strategies 
    • Use a data-informed approach that incorporates testing, analysis and reflection to drive towards a steady increase in online reach, traffic, engagement and new audiences
    • Develop regular reports to present progress on achieving goals and any obstacles that need addressing
    • Supports regions in social media and engagement strategy development 
  • Management: line manage members of the communications team and oversee short term communications contractors
    • Manage Senior Digital Content Producers to ensure they are succeeding in their role and achieving desired results
    • Manage Senior Digital Engagement Specialist to ensure they are succeeding in their strategic paid ads work and achieving desired results
  • Internal collaboration: collaborate departmentally and interdepartmentally to develop alignment between’s global and regional communications 
    • Participate in significant decision-making and proactive leadership of the department, as a member of the Communications team leadership group.
    • Works closely with the Communications Director, and key staff (e.g., digital staff in the communications team, digital staff embedded in regional teams, fundraising staff, campaigns staff) who oversee our editorial calendar, website, traditional media work etc.
    • Works closely with the Associate Director of Digital Fundraising to grow the paid ads strategy in existing and emerging global markets.
    • Actively participates in shaping full communications team  plans; owns role-specific deliverables; engages in department and team-wide calls; works collaboratively with other departments in (actively engages in organization-wide and cross-department processes, as needed); and lives into our shared agreements, values, principles and communications norms
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