Associate or Staff Attorney (2 positions)

Associate or Staff Attorney (2 positions)

Type of offer:

Sierra Club is seeking two Associates or Staff Attorneys to join its national legal team as litigators for Sierra Club’s Environmental Law Program. Appointments will be made at the level commensurate with an individual’s level of experience. Under the supervision of a managing and senior attorney, the associate or staff attorney would serve as a legal resource for Sierra Club campaigns; litigate environmental and energy cases, with a focus on liquified natural gas exports; help design and implement legal and advocacy strategies; and coordinate with campaign staff, coalition partners, and outside counsel.


  1. Litigate key Sierra Club lawsuits, under the supervision of managing and senior staff attorneys; assume increasing litigation responsibilities including discovery management, witness handling, legal research and writing, and oral argument.
  2. Implement strategic, programmatic legal campaigns to support Sierra Club’s campaign objectives; help coordinate the litigation work of strategic legal campaigns; assume responsibility for relationships with staff, volunteer leaders, and outside counsel.
  3. Help evaluate proposed litigation to advise national volunteer and staff leadership on the scope of Sierra Club participation in legal actions
  4. Help develop and plan programmatic litigation and advocacy campaigns to support Sierra Club’s Beyond Dirty Fuels Initiative, with a focus on liquified natural gas exports; assist in drafting legal components of strategic plans and reports.
  5. Help develop and execute work in a manner that centers on and promotes equity, justice, and inclusion, and intentionally address the history of inequitable environmental and economic burdens carried by communities overburdened by air, water, and climate pollution and disproportionate energy burdens.
  6. Analyze legal cases and trends for Sierra Club management and membership.
  7. Provide legal advice to Sierra Club membership; help Chapters and Groups with their local energy- related legal programs and objectives.
  8. Perform miscellaneous duties as directed.
Location: Oakland, CA, Denver, CO, or Washington, DC
Organization: Sierra Club
Deadline: June 6, 2021
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