Blue Carbon Specialist

Blue Carbon Specialist

Type of offer:

The Blue Carbon Specialist will perform data analysis, designing and producing complex queries and processing spatial and other relational data sets.  The Specialist may produce maps and other graphic products and reports.  They may develop and maintain a GIS and/or other databases that could include environmental, biodiversity, and land management information from various sources. We anticipate that a scientific publication in a peer-reviewed journal will result from this project.

The Blue Carbon Specialist conducts scientific surveys and research, records data, writes reports, and conducts other tasks in order to coordinate NCS research including analysis; monitoring, evaluation and learning specific to subaquatic vegetation (SAV) co-benefits, conservation, and restoration in Virginia. This position will work in close collaboration with other TNC staff and partners in supporting the design and implementation of research, assessment of co-benefits and climate change mitigation potential for NCS (in particular seagrass blue carbon projects). The Blue Carbon Specialist provides scientific, technical, and project management support. They will help execute the ongoing VCR blue carbon project and verify progress, while also identifying or developing approaches and tools that can be used more broadly across TNC.


  • Develop and implement NCS research, especially in the context of seagrass, blue carbon, and restoration/conservation activities.
  • Work, in collaboration with other VCR staff and academic partners on co-benefit assessments and data analysis.
  • Develop, collect, and analyze data and maintain a library of data maps, analysis, reports, and publications as relates to eelgrass conservation and co-benefits.
    Provide research and expertise in support of policy analysis, legislative, corporate and/or policy priorities.
  • Deliver spatial analysis, data and field services to teams and partners
    Engage in fieldwork as necessary to ground-truth data and/or assist with data collection
  • Represent TNC at priority meetings and on committees where technical input is required.
  • Writes technical reports, including writing and submitting manuscripts to be published in scientific journals.
  • Prepare program materials including presentations and other communications.
    Works as part of a team of TNC local and global staff, academic, state and federal partners.
  • May work flexible schedule and travel frequently throughout the region.
  • May work over the weekends, in variable weather conditions, at remote locations, in hazardous terrain and under physically demanding circumstances.
Location: Virginia
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: July 13, 2022
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