Business Advancement Program Associate (Negotiable within VA, WV, MD, or DC)

Business Advancement Program Associate (Negotiable within VA, WV, MD, or DC)

Type of offer:

The Business Advancement Program Associate will work towards meeting the strategic priorities of the team by implementing tactics for approved plans and completing and organizing varied tasks and activities. They will identify priorities based on needs of the program. They will have substantial contact with stakeholders and may have a key role regarding outreach for the program to internal and/or external audiences. They will manage, track, and report on key data related to the team scope and priorities and provide guidance to staff on use and/or processing of data. The Associate will perform independent analysis on key data in order to inform divisional or organizational activities, which may include donor or gift information. They may be responsible for processing gifts, managing the private and public funding pipelines for the programs they support, and/or participating in the development of organizational best practices. They will be responsible for managing relationship data that informs reporting and prioritization. They will provide targeted training related to the functional area of the team. The Associate must maintain advanced skills with the systems and resources utilized by the team in order to execute tasks and provide direction to programs they are assigned to work with. They will implement processes and practices in order to improve effectiveness based on their in-depth understanding of related policies and procedures. The Associate will effectively communicate or distribute information to assist staff in making decisions, solving problems, and improving workflow. They may be asked to take on additional duties to enhance the work of the team.



  • Act independently on assigned tasks and exercise independent judgment based on analysis and experience.
  • Coordinate projects with several variables, work within a defined timeline and budget.
  • Does not supervise any staff, but may supervise interns, volunteers, and/or temporary staff.
  • Ensure compliance with TNC policies and procedures, and external (donor/legal/IRS) requirements.
  • Financial responsibility includes working within a budget, processing invoices and transfers, and contracting with vendors. 
  • Will work with a minimum of three programs, including those within the WO External Affairs Division.
  • Provide input through project teams for the improvement of existing programs.
  • May assist in planning special events.
  • Duties may require non-routine analysis, research, and follow-through.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity in handling sensitive information.
  • May act as a resource to others to solve problems and act in supervisor’s stead when instructed.
  • Refer difficult questions and unusual problems to supervisor.
  • Travel and work flexible hours.
  • Work environment involves only infrequent exposure to disagreeable elements and minor physical exertion and/or strain.
  • Work is diversified and may not always fall under established practices and guidelines.
  • Work within scope of program’s strategic goals.
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