Chief Technical Advisor

Chief Technical Advisor

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The objective of this Green Climate Fund (GCF) funded project is to safeguard vulnerable communities and their physical assets from climate change-induced disasters. It aims to address existing institutional, financial and legislative barriers, increasing the climate resilience of vulnerable small-scale rural infrastructure. Six municipalities mainly Baucau, Ermera, Aileu, Viqueque Lautem and Liquica which were selected for the project interventions.  The project has the below two inter-related outputs that not only aim to achieve the impact potential, but also to create enabling environment/condition for scaling up/replicating the project impact beyond the immediate target areas.

Output 1: Climate risk information is developed, monitored and integrated into policies, regulations and institutions to inform climate resilient small-scale rural infrastructure planning and management
Output 2: Climate risk reduction and climate-proofing measures for small-scale rural infrastructure are implemented to build the resilience of vulnerable communities in six priority districts

Under the direct supervision of UNDP Resident Representative, the Chief Technical Advisor is responsible for, jointly with the National Project Manager, the implementation and project management of the ‘Safeguarding rural communities and their physical assets from climate induced disasters in Timor-Leste’. In so doing, the Chief Technical Advisor is expected to provide technical guidance and direct contribution, based on   international best practices, to the implementation of the project and train the technical personnel in the Project Management Unit (PMU) and teams of technical experts. While the Chief Technical Advisor will be based in Dili, , he/she is expected to travel to and spend time in the 6 target municipalities 

Location: Dili
Organization: UNDP
Deadline: March 18, 2020
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