Climate Contracts Coordinator

Climate Contracts Coordinator

Type of offer:

The Climate Contracts Coordinator will work on the strategic priorities of the Global Tackle Climate Change Team, in particular those related to NCS Science, through efficient support of contract development, review, management, and close-out. Their primary responsibilities day-to-day will involve working closely with a range of team members on all aspects of contractual agreements. In addition, they will provide guidance to team members in satisfying administrative and contract requirements based on extensive knowledge of TNC policies and procedures and will support in developing guidance related to their functional area for staff across the business unit. They will implement processes and practices in order to improve effectiveness when needed and will communicate or distribute information to assist staff in making decisions, solving problems, and improving workflow. They will work closely with project managers, the NCS Science Program Manager, legal team, and the business unit’s finance manager to ensure contracts are aligned with SOPs and payment processes. They may be responsible for other administrative support tasks, as needed, such as planning and execution of logistics for special events and/or meetings, and they may assist program and project managers with administrative tasks associated with meetings, hiring, and training. They may occasionally perform Information Systems, Human Resources, and Finance administrative tasks.


Contracts (these responsibilities will be the majority of this position)

  • Provide support to program and project managers related to planning, drafting, and managing contracts, such as invoices process and budget preparation.
  • Help determine, according to TNC standard policies and procedures, when a written agreement is needed.
  • Identify risks and protect TNC, ensuring agreements are in compliance with TNC policies and procedures, and external (donor/legal/IRS) requirements.
  • Draft agreements and supporting documentation utilizing templates provided by TNC Legal.
  • Work as a liaison between project managers, finance, and legal in drafting and executing agreements.
  • Ensure that the proposed TNC signatory has appropriate Delegation of Authority and, in some cases, Power of Attorney to approve & execute each agreement; as needed, help with drafting of Ministerial Delegation of Authority.
  • Maintain a central filing system for agreements, approvals, and final products, for both   audit/compliance records and to facilitate information sharing across teams.
  • Perform administrative tasks related to contracts and grants, including filling out forms and obtaining relevant approvals, as well as monitoring and preparing reports on contract and payment due dates, and providing contracts disbursement forecasts;
  • Ensure efficient payment of invoices; and
  • Provide targeted training to program and project managers related to planning and drafting contracts.


  • Act independently on assigned tasks and exercise judgment based on analysis and experience or a resource to others to solve problems, referring difficult questions and unusual problems to supervisor.
  • Work within scope of program’s strategic goals, and coordinate tasks with several variables, working within a defined timeline and budget;
  • As time allows, may support on a range of coordination and administrative tasks such as scheduling, meeting and event support, and purchasing.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity in handling confidential information.
  • Travel and work flexible hours as needed;
  • Work is diversified and may not always fall under established practices and guidelines.
Location: All United States
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: May 29, 2022
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