Conservation Coordinator

Conservation Coordinator

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The Conservation Coordinator works in the Duluth, MN office of the Minnesota, North Dakota, & South Dakota Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. The Coordinator is an integral member of the Duluth Office team and plays an essential role in office management and programmatic support. Equal portions of time are spent on a) project management and other general assistance for the Forest Conservation Program and b) management of the Duluth office. The Coordinator reports to the Forest Manager and provides administrative support to all staff based in Duluth. This is a part-time position with benefits including health, dental, and vision insurance and paid time off. The anticipated pay range is between $20 – $25 per hour at approximately 20 hours per week, with the potential to increase over time depending on funding availability and interest by applicant.


The Conservation Coordinator performs multiple administrative functions related to program support and office management. The Coordinator ensures that the Duluth office operations run smoothly, including facilities management, telecommunications, computers and printers, logistics for meetings and special events, purchasing, central filing and mail. Support specific to the Forest Conservation Program includes activities related to financial and reporting requirements for field-based conservation activities. The Coordinator may develop requests for proposals, draft contracts and/or purchase agreements, process invoices, manage contracting processes and assist with budget tracking. In addition, they may enter data and compile information, produce maps using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, assist in the production of reports and maintain project records. Work may include collecting, assembling, and analyzing various types of data, producing maps using GIS software and assisting in the production of reports. Work may be done in the field (species monitoring) or be based entirely in an office setting, compiling the information collected by others.


  • Supervises no staff but may oversee and direct work of office volunteers or interns.
  • Coordinates multiple tasks or projects in a timely manner and with attention to detail.
  • May assist with program budget preparation and monitoring.
  • Makes day to day decisions as delegated by the supervisor.
  • Assists in grant management and grant reporting.
  • Manages conservation data and information related to forest management and restoration projects.
  • Financial responsibility may include developing requests for proposals, drafting contracts, purchasing, processing invoices, managing the contracting process, and assisting with budget tracking.
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