Conservation Finance Specialist

Conservation Finance Specialist

Type of offer:

Focusing on marine and coastal ecosystems, the Conservation Finance Specialist collaborates with the Oceans team to develop business, financial, and economic analyses and reporting. They will provide support and specific recommendations to the Oceans Program on topics such as blue financing tools, innovative and traditional financial mechanisms, government credit/loans/subsidies, among others. The Conservation Financial Specialist will oversee consultants, manage grants, implement projects, and administer funds all in accordance with TNC policies and procedures and best practice in financial/organizational management.

They will be in charge of the development and implementation of innovative financial solutions to enhance ocean and coastal resilience in the Gulf of California region. He/she will respond to complex employee/management questions and problems based on advanced knowledge of the subject area. The Conservation Financial Specialist will support and be up to date on the economics and financial components of different projects’ development and/or consolidation in the Gulf of California region.


  • Coordinates and develops economic and financial analysis required by the Oceans Program.
  • Develops financial mechanisms to increase investment in marine conservation and fisheries management.
  • Develops specific assessments, analysis, recommendations, and guidelines for the consolidation of the strategies developed in the Oceans Program, particularly in the financial/economic component.
  • Develops terms of reference and oversees contractors when needed to complete the analysis and products required.
  • Strengthening financial capacities in the Oceans Program and looks for financial opportunities in Mexico.
  • Implements, manages and supports new initiatives, multiple projects and other necessary tasks, particularly in the financial component, to support the Oceans Program.
  • Works toward meeting the strategic priorities of the Programs by developing and coordinating tactics for approved plans and completing day-to-day tasks.
  • Ensures programmatic commitments, TNC policies and procedures, financial standards and legal requirements are met and managed for compliance.
  • Makes independent decisions frequently based on analysis, experience and judgment according to their role
  • Support or participate in negotiations for complex, high profile or sensitive agreements.
  • Implements and manages new initiatives.
  • Manages and implements multiple projects.
  • Ensures the programmatic work is collaborative and well-integrated across organization and with the Finance and Operations team of the Business Unit.
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