Coordinator, Supply Chain Certification

Coordinator, Supply Chain Certification

Type of offer:

The Coordinator will be responsible for supporting Rainforest Alliance teams by providing information about the supply chain certification process globally. In collaboration with internal staff members, this person will provide support to the Senior Manager to implement supply chain requirements for all required actors. S/he will be supporting the senior manager to communicate supply chain requirements to companies, maintain up to date records in the Rainforest Alliance database, process Supply Chain Risk Assessments and provide customer support.


  • Work closely with Senior Manager to communicate and implement supply chain requirements;
  • Provide support, general information and instructions to companies about supply chain certification and refer them to the appropriate CBs;
  • Provide regular follow up communications with supply chain certified and endorsed companies to ensure compliance standards are understood and maintained;
  • Review and process Supply Chain Risk Assessments and ensure accurate company information is recorded;
  • Maintain up to date records in various financial systems reflecting payment for the Supply Chain Risk Assessment;
  • Collaborate with internal staff members to ensure consistency of company records within the database;
  • Collect feedback and provide summary reports about the supply chain requirements and certification;
  • Provide input for technical improvements to our information systems based on customer feedback and efficiency of use;
  • Other duties as assigned.
Location: Vermont, VT, United States
Deadline: April 30, 2021
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