Dangermond Preserve Scientist

Dangermond Preserve Scientist

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The Dangermond Preserve Scientist provides leadership and support in conservation biology and ecology for The Nature Conservancy’s Dangermond Preserve. The Dangermond Preserve Scientist identifies key problems and knowledge gaps, designs, oversees, and facilitates monitoring and research programs; plans, oversees, and collaborates on conservation management, restoration, and climate change resilience projects, and facilitates and helps manage research partnerships at the Preserve. The Dangermond Preserve Scientist works as a member of multidisciplinary project teams which include other scientists and is a conservation thought leader in the wider conservation and research community.


The Dangermond Preserve Scientist provides technical and scientific leadership and support and science enterprise management for The Nature Conservancy at Dangermond Preserve and in partnership with Dangermond Preserve leadership. The Dangermond Preserve Scientist leads and supports conservation planning, applied research projects, and implementation of conservation management strategies. The Dangermond Preserve Scientist coordinates and advances the Dangermond Preserve’s research agenda and facilitates field work and logistical support for research, monitoring and conservation management. The Dangermond Preserve Scientist works as a member of multidisciplinary teams including other scientists, and with partners from the Point Conception Institute, University of California, other organizations, agencies, and academic institutions.

The Dangermond Preserve Scientist will help build a growing science enterprise at the Preserve of research partners from the Point Conception Institute, TNC, the University of California, other academic institutions, agencies and organizations through effective communication, relationship management, coordination, and logistical and technical support and by providing the scientific expertise to multidisciplinary teams and partner initiatives developing and implementing strategies for achieving conservation outcomes for the Dangermond Preserve. This role will advance the science needed to improve management of species, natural communities, and ecosystems, through independent and collaborative cutting-edge research. S/he will identify key challenges and develop innovative scientific methods, analyses, tools, and frameworks to address those challenges. The Scientist develops, leads, and leverages a network of internal and external partners – including federal and state agencies, academic institutions, resource management districts, and other scientists –  to develop the science, research, and technology to advance the Conservancy’s conservation strategies and objectives. This role leads and participates in multi-disciplinary teams, writes proposals, and manages grants and contracts, conducts field research, and manages data, submits peer-review publications and reports, and communicates science to diverse audiences.


  • Manages science enterprises to support conservation strategies at the Dangermond Preserve, Point Conception Institute and The Nature Conservancy
  • Serves as a science advisor informing actions and strategies of the Dangermond Preserve.
  • Persuasively represents the Conservancy externally as a conservation science expert.
  • Manages research inquiries and proposals to the Dangermond Preserve/Point Conception Institute.
  • Partners with Preserve team to manage all research activities at Preserve; includes orientation, site selection, progress monitoring, and developing communications about work produced to help support overall Preserve strategies.
  • Develops innovative scientific products to advance the Conservancy’s mission.
  • Identifies, evaluates, and implements projects to demonstrate management actions that benefit ecosystems.
  • Informs policies that support ecosystem management to benefit nature.
  • Works collaboratively with multi-disciplinary teams of the Dangermond Preserve and the Point Conception Institute.
  • Builds strategic partnerships with academics, agencies, resource management agencies, water districts, NGOs, neighboring landowners (e.g. Vandenberg Air Force Base) etc.
  • Leads and manages modeling and data synthesis projects to inform conservation strategies and actions.
  • Supports program objectives by working in a complex matrix organization environment.
  • May manage grants, contracts or write requests for proposals.
  • Interprets guidelines, evaluates information and modifies processes to adapt to changing circumstances for the program.
Location: California
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: July 4, 2021
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