Data Governance Lead

Data Governance Lead

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The Data Governance Lead brings together cross-functional stakeholders to make the best decisions for TNC’s data, with an emphasis on improving data quality. The individual in this role is part of the Data Governance team and partners closely with business management, IT teams, and end users to improve core data for daily operations and in support of strategic programs.


The Data Governance Lead plays a critical role in maximizing the trustworthiness and utility of TNC’s data by facilitating cross-functional data governance teams, and by creating data standards and quality metrics, for several core data domains. The Lead must have a deep curiosity for exploring how data is used across the organization, and a drive to improve the quality of the data to support operational efficiencies and complex decision making. This role requires broad business acumen, comfort with technical concepts, and a strong data management skill set.

  • Communicate the data governance mission, operating model, and the value of managing data as strategic asset.
  • Lead the formation of data domain teams to make organization-wide decisions about data.
  • Facilitate a consistent and transparent decision making process with data domain teams, and publish and maintain data decisions and approvals.
  • Draft and gain approval for clear, accurate, and succinct data standards that capture business rules, quality, and protection requirements for the data.
  • Identify metrics to assess and monitor data quality against data standards.
  • Coordinate data quality and cleansing efforts with business and IT teams address data quality priorities and align data to standards.
  • Identify data quality reporting requirements and collaborate with the Data Quality Lead to implement new data quality reports.
  • Conduct data discovery to identify and capture the lifecycle of data assets and mapping across systems.
  • Provide data governance education and training on core data concepts, practices, standards, and guidelines.
Location: All United States
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: September 11, 2022
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