Data Science Expert ICPAC Nairobi

Data Science Expert ICPAC Nairobi

Type of offer:

NORCAP works with national authorities, regional institutions and international organisations to provide expertise in climate change adaptation and mitigation. Among other things, our experts help to green humanitarian operations, improve coordination and increase vulnerable people’s access to clean energy and climate information.

Do you want to be part of ICPAC’s (IGAD’s Climate Center) vision to be a world-class centre of excellence in climate services for sustainable development in East Africa? ICPAC is a designated Regional Climate Center under the WMO and delivers Climate Services to 11 East African countries. Providing timely early warnings on extreme weather and climate events is at the chore of its mandate.

We are looking for a candidate that can help optimise the climate services value chain, in particular impact-based forecasting in regional Hazards Watch system. This is a 12 month assignment.

Job description:

  • Optimise the climate services value chain in Eastern Africa
  • Support development of regional Hazards Watch system
  • Support development of methodology for automated Impact Based Forecasting (based on hazard forecast, vulnerability and exposure data). Improve risk assessment through strengthened analysis of different sources of weather, climate and socio-economic data
  • Support generation of added value from ICPAC climate products.
  • Support tailoring of climate services: Analyse user data to support tailoring of digital marketing to different use cases to improve service design
  • Optimise the climate services value chain in Eastern Africa including optimization of new climate services developed in energy, water and agriculture.
  • Advise on optimisation of High-Performance Computing Cluster.
  • Generate added-value from ICPAC and international centers forecasts (e.g. GFS) and support bias correction of the forecast model (WRF)
Location: Nairobi
Organization: NORCAP
Deadline: April 4, 2021
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