Deputy Regional Managing Director, Asia Pacific (location negotiable within Asia Pacific)

Deputy Regional Managing Director, Asia Pacific (location negotiable within Asia Pacific)

Type of offer:

The Deputy Regional Managing Director reports to the Regional Managing Director, covering several key areas of internal facing management as well as oversight of strategically important programs, providing scope to the Regional Managing Director to carry out fundraising and externally facing duties. 

The Deputy Regional Managing Director will play a lead role on the Asia Pacific Leadership Team, providing overall coordination and driving decision making and communication, as well as managing an inter-disciplinary team of professionals who provide technical leadership and support across a broad range of functional and conservation activities.  As a key leader in the Asia Pacific Region, the Deputy Regional Managing Director will also provide support to BU initiatives and foster a culture of shared learning and support across the region.

The Deputy Regional Managing Director will supervise senior-level staff and oversee the following areas:

  • Marketing & Membership: marketing and communications strategies are aligned with overall goals, membership programs are growing
  • Conservation Partnerships: improved policy settings and corporate practices; increased investment and funding (PSE & corporate partners)
  • Science:  methods, tools, learning and cutting-edge science techniques are coordinated and dispersed throughout the region
  • People/HR: employee experience; recruitment; GDEI initiatives; compensation philosophy
  • Financial management and strategy: annual budgets, long-term financial planning, and internal audits
  • Operations: core administrative processes, policies, and procedures
  • Legal & Compliance: transactions and activities are legally sound and consistent with TNC’s mission, authority, policies, and procedures, risks are managed.


  • Stand in for the Regional Managing Director at times when rapid decision-making or issue management is required.
  • Manage strategic initiatives through collaboration with stakeholders to enhance performance in accordance with short and long-term objectives.
  • Participate in the formulation and evaluation of broad policies and/or long-term programs, making decisions which may have broad organizational impact.
  • Foster learning and collaboration across the region and represent the region in key internal TNC initiatives and programs.
  • Ensure that programmatic commitments, TNC policies and procedures and organizational values are met and managed for compliance.
  • Negotiate complex, high profile or sensitive agreements.
  • Practice analytical, strategic, and systematic thinking.
  • Minimize legal risk to the Conservancy and ensure legal compliance with applicable country/local regulations.
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