Director, Climate and Plastics Initiative

Director, Climate and Plastics Initiative

Type of offer:

The Director of the Climate and Plastics Initiative is responsible for managing the multiple work streams that are part of the climate and plastics strategy, including financial sector, public policy, and communications. The core of the initial strategy for this body of work is focused on leveraging changes within financial institutions so experience in or engaging with the sector is preferred. Because this body of work crosses multiple conservation programs and departments, experience and willingness to be part of a matrix structure and manage cross-disciplinary teams without complete direct supervisory authority is highly preferred. The Director will also play an integral role in fundraising for this initiative.


  • Leading and refining campaign strategy: Assess the campaign strategy and sharpen, goals, objectives and projects as needed.
  • Engaging with financial and/or corporate sector: Lead implementation of strategies for engaging with the financial sector to effect change related to how climate impacts are accounted for and climate risk and risks related to plastics production are assessed and disclosed.
  • Leading cross-disciplinary team(s): Lead a cross-disciplinary team(s) to deliver on the climate/plastics strategy. Provide clarity around team purpose and deliverables and individuals’ roles and responsibilities.
  • Managing multiple work streams: Ensure all work streams that are part of the strategy advance quickly and efficiently; work streams include the financial sector, public policy, and communications.
  • Communicating: Serve as an externally-facing spokesperson for the climate and plastic initiative with media, public policy makers, and decision makers. Ensure internal communications related to the strategy are efficient and effective.
  • Fundraising: Work with Ocean Conservancy’s Resource Development department to identify potential revenue streams and raise funds for this work. This could include fundraising from foundations, governments, multi-lateral institutions, and individual donors.
Location: Washington, DC/Remote
Organization: Ocean Conservancy
Deadline: May 29, 2022
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