External Affairs & GR Lead

External Affairs & GR Lead

Type of offer:

External Affairs and GR Lead will bring their experience in government relations and external affairs network development to work on behalf of the West Virginia Business unit of The Nature Conservancy to achieve legislative, policy, and program goals. They will work towards achieving conservation, community, and economic development goals that support a strong Nature and Economy approach focused on strategic and high leverage outcomes for conserving and protecting the resilient and diverse lands and waters of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians. While also promoting and developing the models to develop economic diversification that is inclusive, equitable, and has individual and community outcomes for the well-being of West Virginians. This position furthers the work of The Nature Conservancy and its conservation partners through direct interaction with governments, multilateral agencies, and/or businesses focusing on policy, practice, and funding initiatives that provide conservation and economic development opportunities and/or impact our conservation and economic development programs. Duties include daily contact to develop the strategic partnerships and potential funding pathways with local, state, federal, multilateral/agencies officials, and/or NGO and industry and corporate representatives on matters pertaining to administrative, legislative, and/or corporate actions or internationally negotiated agreements to achieve the organization’s conservation and human equity and well-being agenda.  They also work within The Nature Conservancy, especially with the Nature and Economy Director, Central Appalachian and Appalachians programs, and North American Policy and Government Relations program to build and facilitates internal networks, coordinating meetings, agendas, and presentations.  


  • Work collaboratively with staff in the West Virginia Business Unit of The Nature Conservancy, regional government relations staff in the Conservancy, and the Conservancy’s North American Policy and Government Relations team to leverage state and federal level policy and investments in coalfields and rural economic development.
  • Engage internal and external partners and stakeholders in a collaborative and consultative or advisory capacity to build the network of local, state, regional, and federal partners, and funders to initiate, undertake, and leverage the development of these programs and projects.
  • May supervise administrative staff and/or volunteers, interns, or temporary staff.
  • Financial responsibility may include working within/managing a budget to complete projects, negotiating, and contracting with vendors, assisting with budget development, and meeting fundraising targets.
  • Maintains regular contact with the local, sub-national, country, and multilateral officials, and/or corporate representatives on matters pertaining to administrative, legislative, and/or corporate actions and internationally negotiated agreements.
  • Develops strategic partnerships with relevant groups to influence legislation and/or, international negotiations and agreements.
  • Ensures program compliance with internal policies and external requirements.
  • Serves as a team leader for assigned projects and coordinates the work of others.
  • Ensures that the program complies with state and federal lobbying laws and regulations.
  • May need to gain cooperation from individuals or groups (inside and outside the Conservancy) over whom there is no direct authority in order to accomplish program goals.
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