Field Coordinator for the Verde Island Passage Marine Biodiversity Conservation Corridor

Field Coordinator for the Verde Island Passage Marine Biodiversity Conservation Corridor

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Conservation International (CI) has been protecting nature for the benefit of all for over 30 years. Through science, policy, and partnerships, CI is helping build a healthier, more prosperous and more productive planet.  


The Philippines is located within the Coral Triangle, which is the global center of marine biodiversity having diverse species of corals, seagrasses, mangroves, beach forest vegetation, marine mammals, fishes, seaweeds, and many other invertebrates. The Verde Island Passage (VIP), which straddles the waters of Batangas, Romblon, Marinduque, Mindoro Oriental, and Mindoro Occidental, has been identified as the “center of center” of marine shore fish biodiversity because it harbors the highest concentration of shore fish species per unit area than anywhere else in the world.

Unsustainable fishing methods, pollution from coastal and commercial development, habitat conversion, extractive industries, among others, continue to pose environmental threats to the VIP’s rich and fragile coastal ecosystem. Despite the number of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), both state and LGU-managed, the spatial coverage of the MPAs still needs to be increased to effectively improve habitats and biodiversity and enhance fishery productivity. Moreover, effective MPA management is significantly hindered by insufficient and unpredictable funding levels for the long-term sustainability of MPAs and MPA networks.

Presently, CI Philippines (CIP) investments in the VIP including public-funded projects established the VIP MPA Network and Law Enforcement Network that was formalized through a Memorandum of Agreement. This was signed by the governors of the five provinces, DENR, BFAR, PNP, and PCG and the principals constituted the VIP Board which, in their inaugural meeting, resolved to include the DOT and CIP as members of the VIP Board. The VIP Secretariat was also constituted with the DENR-BMB as the Chair and CIP as co-Chair. CIP sustains biodiversity conservation, fisheries management, and related initiatives in the VIP through the Network’s Strategic Management Plan.


Reporting to the Marine Program Director, the VIP Field Coordinator will provide technical support and collaborative leadership for Batangas, Marinduque, Romblon, Oriental Mindoro, and Occidental Mindoro. The coordinator will facilitate the implementation of program-related deliverables by working closely with partners, regional offices of relevant National Government Agencies, Local Government Units’ leads, CIP technical personnel especially working in the VIP, and other CIP consultants working in the VIP. This position will coordinate the implementation of outputs and activities particular to the five (5) VIP Provinces, consistent with agreements with and among LGUs in the province, monitor milestones, and assure the preparation and submission of necessary reports.

The VIP Coordinator will also ensure that field implementation aligns with CI Global Strategy and CIP’s Highlands-to-Oceans (H2O) Strategy. The post will also ensure that quarantine and pandemic protocols are strictly observed in carrying out there duties especially in the field.

The key areas of accountability of the VIP Field Coordinator include:

Program Implementation

  • Support the Marine Program Director in the implementation of all assigned activities in the target area/s including coordination with the project/program staff, communities, LGUs, partners, and other stakeholders,
  • Facilitate the formulation of the target area’s implementation plan, based also on the VIP Strategic Management Plan, and annual/monthly work plans and budget,
  • Facilitate and strategize for the implementation of planned activities and initiate onsite interaction with targeted communities and project partners,
  • Monitor and assess the impact of activities,
  • Work with the admin and logistics team to ensure efficient and cost-effective use of CI equipment and resources while applying internal systems, policies, and standard operating procedures,
  • Support an organizational culture that reflects our full spectrum programming values, promotes accountability and high performance, encourages a team culture of learning, creativity, and innovation.

Networking, Partnership, and Advocacy

  • Serve as the community organizer and mobilizer in assigned areas and shall be responsible for facilitating activities in the communities including detailed planning,
  • Ensure the conduct of social preparation and establishment of partnership with the local government units and local service providers in the implementation areas,
  • Liaise with communities and local authorities on a day-to-day basis and ensures active involvement of local municipalities and other stakeholders to mobilize resources, coordinate activities, and ensure active participation of beneficiaries, local authorities, and stakeholders,
  • Sustain and strengthen partnerships with key stakeholders in the area covered,
  • Map out partners with governmental and non-governmental organizations, business, and employers who can help strengthen and improve manifold programs in partner communities,
  • Represent CI in network and partnership meetings, learning and sharing opportunities, and similar activities.

Project Reporting

  • Conduct regular monitoring and evaluation of plans, activities, and targets,
  • Provide updates by activity reports, feedback/observation from the ground to ensure that correct information guides the decisions of the team,
  • Collect data and information from the field for inputs in the completion of the progress reports and potential projects,
  • Provide regular and timely data and inputs to the progress reports (narrative and financial) submitted to the Marine Program Director,
  • Provide administrative support including preparation of logistics, purchase requests, vehicle request, cash advances, and liquidation reports.

Capacity Building

  • Consult with partners in the identification of training needs,
  • Facilitate organization development of community groups for program delivery and sustainability,
  • Develop community mobilization plan for particular implementation areas,
  • Conduct capacity building to program partners and target communities.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Documentation

  • Provide data and use Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) framework including relevant findings and results to enhance implementation and for report preparation,
  • Closely work on data collection using appropriate monitoring tools,
  • Participate in project documentation including good practices and newsworthy events.


  • This is a fixed term position.
  • Duty Station is Batangas or Oriental Mindoro; temporary work from home arrangement in relation to specific quarantine conditions during COVID 19 pandemic; may be required to travel to Manila, as necessary
Location: Batangas or Oriental Mindoro
Organization: Conservation International
Deadline: March 28, 2021
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