Finance/Accounting Specialist I

Finance/Accounting Specialist I

Type of offer:

The Finance/Accounting Specialist I provides specialized services in accounting or similar financial activities for the North American Region They are an expert in their area of specialization. They administer and maintain finance/accounting activities in accordance with TNC policies and procedures and best practices in financial management. They will identify individual priorities based on the needs of the program and will manage, track, and report on key financial data related to the team scope and priorities Specifically, this position provides a wide range of administrative and financial support to the North America’s management of private funds. The Finance Specialist will perform independent analysis of key program data. Responsibilities may include running and compiling reports from the financial system, reviewing and researching transactions, submitting journal entries, and many other tasks in support of regional financial support. 


  • Ensures TNC policies and procedures, financial standards and legal requirements are met.
  • Reinforces consistency in the organization’s policies and procedures and provides support related to relevant field.
  • Manage requests with several variables, set realistic deadlines, manage a timeline, and ensure accountability.
  • Work is diversified and may not always fall under established practices and guidelines.
  • Consistent reporting of data and report building related to North American Region finances.
  • Excel data analysis.
  • Review labor reports in comparison to budgets
  • Researching transactions and communicating understanding
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