Gender-Smart Investing Specialist

Gender-Smart Investing Specialist

Type of offer:

CGIAR considers sustainable finance as a key lever for change in the sustainability agenda and a crucial driver to support the transition to sustainable and climate resilient food systems. Greater engagement on sustainable finance will contribute to reducing poverty, improvements in food and nutrition security and protection and regeneration of natural resources and ecosystem services. To that end, we work with governments, international financial institutions, asset owners, asset managers and corporates to help reorient and leverage capital flows towards innovative investments in sustainable food systems.

This is a key growth area for CGIAR, as we receive greater demand from public and private investors for our cutting-edge research, advisory services, global operational capacity and innovation focus. We focus on providing innovative science-based solutions that drive sustainable economic growth while delivering positive climate and development outcomes. Our main areas of work on sustainable finance focus on:

  1. Develop innovative investment solutions for sustainable food systems
  2. Provide advisory services to ensure that investments in food systems achieve sustainable development and positive climate impact
  3. Develop cutting-edge research on the intersection between sustainable finance and sustainable food systems

About the position

We are currently seeking applications for the position of Gender-Smart Investing Specialist. The overall objective is to help CGIAR and AICCRA mainstream gender and climate change into the risk management, investment decision and capital allocation processes as to radically increase the volume of capital that flows to women led SMEs as well as increase the number of women that run impact funds with a climate focus. This position will be based at Dakar, Senegal or Nairobi, Kenya.

Key Responsibilities

  • Support AICCRA to develop a strategic roadmap that advises private investors on how to mainstream gender and climate change into their risk management, investment decision and capital allocation processes
  • Support AICCRA to work with public and specifically private investors to develop and execute innovative strategies and investment solutions that promotes gender-lens investing and climate change within sustainable food systems
  • Provide capacity development advisory services to financial institutions, asset managers and SMEs in emerging markets. Services may include training and facilitation, market research and product design related to gender-lens investing and climate change
  • Develop, negotiate and execute new partnership deals with leading corporates, financial institutions and investors that promotes gender-lens investing and climate change
  • Manage and implement complex research assignments for clients. This will include collaborating with AICCRA scientists and technical experts to outline draft proposals, conduct complex analysis, and take responsibility for the deliverable of final high-quality work products
  • Support the uptake at scale of the cutting-edge research and innovations generated by AICCRA and CGIAR
  • Contribute to develop cutting-edge research on sustainable finance and ESG related issues for food systems
  • Support project teams to disaggregate problems and provide innovative solutions
  • Keep abreast of latest innovations on sustainable finance and sustainable food systems
Location: Dakar, Senegal or Nairobi, Kenya
Organization: CGIAR
Deadline: May 12, 2021
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