Gran Chaco Zero Conversion Commodities Lead

Gran Chaco Zero Conversion Commodities Lead

Type of offer:

This position also plays a key role internally, ensuring that the CMI project complements and is not at odds with the efforts of other projects around regenerative agriculture in the Gran Chaco and other geographies, and thinking about synergies and opportunities to collaborate and replicate, adapt or otherwise maximize progress and products emerging from the CMI project to other conservation projects in TNC’s Argentina program. The position also periodically engages directly with the Conservancy´s global Zero Conversion Commodities (ZCC) Strategy Lead in updating and strengthening the global strategy to reflect the Argentina program´s contribution to global conservation efforts.


  • Drives the zero conversion efforts in the Gran Chaco, coordinating efforts and pathways across all four CMI project key levers (Private Sector Leadership, Transparency, Innovative Finance and Policy) while fully in tune with TNC Argentina’s vision for the Gran Chaco.
  • Provides input and collaborates in the refinement of the theory of change and in the design of the blueprint for interventions across the Gran Chaco, as one of TNC Argentina’s priority landscapes.
  • Proposes synergies and opportunities for optimization between the CMI objectives and plans and those of TNC Argentina’s program.
  • Frequently makes strategic decisions based on analysis, ambiguous information and context.
  • Negotiates complex agreements, in a political or otherwise sensitive environment.                                                                                      
  • Geographic size and scope is that of a larger, complex program that requires cross-boundary work and relationships.
  • Supervises staff at remote locations.
  • Establishes and maintains optimal performance standards in accordance with organizational guidance.
  • Writes and/or collaborates on requests for proposals, terms of reference, concept notes and other funding requests or contracting documents, for both money-in and money-out opportunities.
  • Post-COVID, moderate travel domestically and occasional international travel (2-3 times per year), occasional evening and weekend hours consistent with TNC´s commitment to work-life balance.                
  • May occasionally work in variable weather conditions, at remote locations, on difficult and hazardous terrain, and under physically demanding circumstances consistent with field trips or farm visits.   
  • Over time and as new projects beyond CMI emerge, this position´s scope may expand to include similar duties under different contexts, such as engagement in/with actors in other countries (ie Paraguay, Bolivia), a deeper engagement with government agencies, and/or other commodities, industry sectors or value chains.


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