IL Operations Program Coordinator

IL Operations Program Coordinator

Type of offer:

The Illinois Operations Program Coordinator operates at the hub of a dynamic office, engaging in work that touches every program and function of the Illinois Chapter. Importantly, in the Chicago office, the Coordinator acts as a “director of first impressions,” warmly welcoming visitors and staff to the office. The Coordinator also is responsible for implementing office practices and procedures, managing meeting logistics, and handling administrative tasks, all while helping to foster a culture of inclusion and community through a constant presence and ability to sense the pulse of the office. This role is ideally suited to someone who is interested in learning and gaining new skills across multiple areas, including but not limited to, events planning, philanthropy systems, financial administration, contract management, and human resources support. The role is a dynamic and demanding one that will require work across multiple areas each day within the Chicago office and with offices across Illinois, all while handling the standard tasks associated with managing a large office. The position requires that someone be able to, and be comfortable with, working independently at times in a collaborative, team environment. 


The Operations Program Coordinator’s work crosses several functional areas. The Coordinator reports to the Deputy Director and is responsible for handling all aspects of office management such as the purchasing of office supplies and stationery, central filing, coordination of the All Staff Meeting calendar, mailroom operations, management of the meeting room and desk reservation system, reception, inquiries to the general phone line and email, interfacing with building management, timesheet coordination, ordering and distributing development materials, among other tasks. Additionally, the Coordinator will work closely with the Chapter HR Manager and will be responsible for assisting with staff on-boarding and off-boarding, maintaining staff biographies and the Chapter’s organizational chart, creating new employee binders, scheduling interviews, coordinating the vehicle use agreements, and other tasks with the potential to gain experience in HR systems, including PeopleSoft. The Coordinator will also work closely with the Chapter Finance Manager, providing essential support related to invoice payment, check processing, contract database management, and private grants administration, again with the opportunity to gain experience in standard financial operations software, and practices and procedures.  A key role of the Coordinator is scheduling and coordinating logistics for special events and/or meetings held at the Chicago office, and at times, helping the Chapter’s Events Manager and Trustee Liaison with logistics related to larger events and complex meetings, including video conferencing setup and troubleshooting. The Coordinator will be the primary liaison with building management and will work closely with the Deputy Director to implement, oversee, and update as needed safety-related practices and programs such as a list of staff emergency contacts, COVID protocol tracking, fire drill coordination, and the Send Word Now emergency management communication system. 

Many of the duties described above will require familiarity with or a willingness to learn various IT systems, along with an ability to process forms, prepare reports, and monitor budgets, and maintain impeccable records in a highly organized manner. The Chapter always seeks ways to improve the efficiency of its office practices and procedures and will look to the Coordinator to improve the overall effectiveness of Chapter administration. The Coordinator must be skilled at completing tasks within realistic deadlines while working at the center of a busy office where visitors requiring attention, staff inquiries, telephone calls, and other unexpected needs are not usual but the norm. Any given day, the Coordinator may communicate on behalf of their supervisor with internal and external sources, including staff, donors, volunteers, vendors, and businesses to coordinate arrangements, convey information, and ensure successful execution of Chapter programs, all while adhering to TNC’s Core Values and maintaining a sense of calm and professionalism – having a healthy dose of humor helps, too! It is important to note that while the Operations Coordinator will be based in Chicago and responsible for management of the Chicago office, the Operations Coordinator’s role is a statewide position that requires engagement with offices and staff across the state on a regular basis.


  • Perform duties under general supervision and established guidelines;
  • Make day-to-day decisions within the scope of work assignments and prioritize work independently;
  • Identify routine problems and utilize existing resources for resolution, referring difficult questions and problems to supervisor;
  • Demonstrate sensitivity in handling confidential information;
  • Does not supervise any staff, but may supervise volunteers, interns, or temporary staff;
  • Financial responsibility may include purchasing, depositing checks, creating batches, handling credit card payments, processing invoices, expense reporting, contracting with vendors, and assisting with budget tracking;
  • Function as Chapter resources for all staff with respect to general expense reporting (Concur) questions and other questions related to administrative matters;
  • Serve as a team member for assigned projects;
  • Be willing to travel, work overtime, and work evenings and weekends as needed; and 
  • Work environment involves only infrequent exposure to disagreeable elements and minor physical exertion and/or strain.
Location: Illinois
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: May 2, 2021
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