Indian Boundary Prairies Stewardship Leader

Indian Boundary Prairies Stewardship Leader

Type of offer:

The IBP Stewardship Leader leads work teams to ensure the planning, coordination, implementation, and monitoring of preserve management to ensure the effective participation of stewardship staff with community engagement. The IBP Stewardship Leader maintains preserve areas frequented by the visiting public, coordinates the prescribed fire program, manages invasive plant species, harvests native seed for restoration purposes,  monitors flora and fauna species, supports researchers onsite, maintains tools and equipment, operates tractor and skid loader and various attachments, and oversees the work of other long-term and seasonal stewardship staff and volunteers.  Position maintains partnerships with other conservation landowners prioritizing knowledge sharing through the Calumet region and Chicago Wilderness forums. She/he conducts all programs in partnership with the IBP community engagement program and provides support to community engagement activities as needed.


  • Supervises permanent and seasonal staff, interns, and volunteers to achieve programmatic goals.
  • Establishes and maintains preserve restoration goals and provides oversight and evaluation to align ecological restoration work to those goals, collaborating with community engagement staff to ensure holistic inclusion of community goals.
  • Financial responsibility includes working within a budget to complete projects and providing information for budget development. 
  • Networks with conservation landowners and conservation partners to promote stewardship and management of Natural Areas.
  • On occasion meets with diverse groups including government officials, donors, board members and the general public to foster partnerships that support the Conservancy goal of conservation initiatives that value people and nature. 
  • May work under minimal and/or distant supervision; may make some independent decisions based on analysis, experience and context. 
  • May work in variable weather conditions, at remote locations, on difficult and hazardous terrain and under physically demanding circumstances.
  • May require long hours in isolated settings.
Location: Illinois
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: May 23, 2021
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