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In accordance with its Constitution, the Organization assists its Member States in updating their cultural policies. One of its aims is to help Member States formulate appropriate responses to those challenges posed by cultural diversity in all of its forms – be they heritage-related, contemporary or creative activities – as well as those posed by its corollary, i.e., intercultural dialogue. These policies pertain not only to the field of culture proper but also to the role that culture should play in other areas of development.

As the only UN agency specifically mandated with the responsibility for promoting creativity and safeguarding the world’s diverse cultural heritage, UNESCO has a unique role to play among inter-governmental organs in demonstrating that development has a human face which is specific to each region of the world and special to each community.  In a time of unprecedented economic and social change, UNESCO must take the lead to ensure that the Asia-Pacific region’s diverse histories, cultures and habitants are not only preserved, but also tapped as a well-spring of innovation and development, thus being imbued with renewed relevance.

The regional programme is designed to mobilize the strengths inherent in the diversity of human cultures and cultural resources to contribute to sustained development and eliminate poverty, inequity and communal strife. UNESCO’s programme must seek to mainstream culture in all social, political and economic sphere of governance throughout the region. 

Long Description
Under the overall authority of the Director of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education in Bangkok, Thailand and the chief of Culture Unit, and under the direct supervision of the Programme Specialist, the incumbent shall be responsible for the following tasks: 

Assist in the implementation of the culture unit activities and projects. Specifically:
assist and contribute to research activities;  
assist in compiling and drafting documents and reports;
attend relevant meetings and events, take notes and prepare minutes;  
assist in translation from English to Thai and Thai to English
assist in producing communication materials such as brochures and infographics to raise the visibility of UNESCO Bangkok’s culture programmes.
Long Description
Prepare and disseminate news updates.
Assist with other tasks as requested by Chief of Culture unit.

Location: Bangkok
Organization: UNESCO
Deadline: January 8, 2021
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