International Consultant – Enhancing Climate Resilience to Heritage Sites

International Consultant – Enhancing Climate Resilience to Heritage Sites

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UNDP Bangladesh’s Country Programme Document (2017-2020) seeks to assist the Government of Bangladesh and its development partners to implement Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. In the context of the Bangladesh 7th Five Year Plan (7FYP) and the government’s vision to graduate from Least Developed Country status, UNDP will aim to ensure a more resilient and inclusive society that shares its increasing prosperity with all. UNDP will leverage its unique position and experience to deliver tactical policy and programme expertise that supports implementation of the 7FYP and cements UNDP as a strategic partner of the government on the sustainable development agenda.

UNDP Bangladesh is engaged with change-making interventions on climate change. ‘Enhancing Climate Resilience to Heritage Sites in Coastal Region of Bangladesh’ is such a project by IDCOL and UNDP which seeks to assist Government of Bangladesh, through its Ministry of Cultural Affairs (MoCA) and Department of Archeology (DoA). It is aimed at reducing climate-threats to 18 key sites in Khulna and Barisal districts in southern Bangladesh. The AE seeks $35.15m as part of $50m project implemented over 6 years to (outcome 1) enhance capacity and knowledge to enable climate risk-informed cultural heritage preservation, (outcome 2) strengthen integrative, climate risk responsive cultural heritage management plan development, and (outcome 3) improve structural and community resilience of cultural heritage sites. The CN supports a potential PPF request.  The project presents risks to archeological sites well but needs to ground activities and outcomes of GCF funding to climate adaptation rather than general heritage conservation. The CN also needs to be strengthened in terms of impact, sustainability, replicability, efficiency and effectiveness. GCF funding is to apply towards capacity building, technical assistance, inter-agency coordination, awareness raising, development of site- management plans, etc. As such, the improved resilience of built infrastructure is contingent on action at the site or district level that are not directly funded by GCF.  Scaleup from 18 selected sites to others (100+) is unclear. Other issues are identified, such as high project cost vis-à-vis scope of activities, and need for clarity on use of funds and responsibilities of project proponents. Further, linkages to existing flood, cyclone and disaster management in Barisal and Khulna need to be developed. The AE is advised to explore these and other elements of the project so that the funding leads to a sustained improvement in management of historical assets in Bangladesh vis-à-vis the growing climate pressures facing the country.

Against the backdrop, UNDP Bangladesh is looking for a consultant to support the above project and prepare the project preparation facility and finalize the concept note in accordance to the GCF requirements. The following sections include the roles and responsibility of the potential candidate.

Location: Home Based, BANGLADESH
Organization: UNDP
Deadline: October 14, 2020
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