International Consultant for Facilitation of Foresight Based Climate Change Consultation Process

International Consultant for Facilitation of Foresight Based Climate Change Consultation Process

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UNDP and the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning (MoEPP) are implementing the project “Macedonia’s Fourth National Communication (NC) and Third Biennial Update Report (BUR) on Climate Change under the UNFCCC (4th NC/3rd BUR)”. One of the project activities is development of a methodology for mainstreaming climate change consideration into special plans, with particular focus on the upcoming country Spatial Plan 2021 – 2041. The nexus between climate change and spatial planning opens the door for building climate resilience by mainstreaming climate change and climate variability as one of the guiding principles for spatial planning in the country.

Additionally, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning (MoEPP) is revising the Macedonian Nationally Determined Contributions (enhanced NDC) under the Paris Agreement of the UNFCCC, supported by the UNDP Climate Promise Initiative. The enhanced NDC will have more ambitious mitigation targets which will be based on the mitigation potential both energy and non-energy sectors, and will consider crosscutting areas: gender, various co-benefits; private sector engagement and SDGs linkages.

Moreover, scenarios for expected climate change and for climate change induced extreme weather events in Macedonia have been developed by 2100.

In its efforts to instigate active stakeholder participation in the process of preparation of the Spatial Plan 2021 – 2041 and the enhanced NDC, and having in mind that it is very difficult for people to imagine the future and to consider/plan policy actions today to prevent something that is predicted in the future,  a specific tool based on the contemporary foresight methodologies can be used for generating new perceptions and  data. The tool intends to enliven public engagement in monitoring and management of climate change issues through involvement of a wide variety of stakeholders, from authorities to local communities and youth, ensuring that both documents, besides the expert analyses, would also reflect people’s perceptions and concerns related to climate change. UNDP CO has used this foresight methodology in several occasions and has very positive experience.

Therefore, UNDP would like to engage an International Consultant to facilitate the foresight-based climate change consultation process in the country. 

Location: Homebased
Organization: UNDP
Deadline: July 9, 2020
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