Java CMS Developer & Support Engineer

Java CMS Developer & Support Engineer

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The Java CMS Developer & Support Engineer designs and develops new components, web sites and web applications. They assist with system integrations, and technological solutions according to requirements following TNC methodology and development best practices. They work independently or collaboratively on maintenance projects related to system upgrades, migrations and enhancements, content conversion, and component modifications. They analyze and review business requirements for projects with a wide range of complexity at varying levels of impact to organization-wide initiatives. They perform other project related tasks such as writing and executing scripts, configuring front-end web servers, and troubleshooting and analyzing bugs. They monitor the TNC CI/CD pipeline for AEM and provide support for production problems as assigned. They review and approve git pull requests and conduct code reviews to validate moderately complex work done by other developers. The Java CMS Developer & Support Engineer will work primarily with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and secondarily with Aprimo Digital Asset Management (DAM), and integrations among these and related internal marketing applications using their available API’s and/or Amazon Web Services (AWS).



  • Manage a continuous workload of tickets related to AEM maintenance assigned as a part of regularly scheduled release cycles.
  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams on projects as assigned working closely with internal and external developers, as well as business analysts and stakeholders.
  • Design new AEM components or modify existing ones, including their configuration, Java code, client libraries and templates.
  • Configure Apache/Dispatcher front-end web servers as needed for existing and new websites or web applications, integrations, and services.
  • Adhere to secure coding standards by regularly scanning code through an IDE integration prior to checking in code and by mitigating any risks identified during a build.
  • Provide realistic estimations for project-related work and resolve complex project-related problems.
  • Review and approve/decline pull requests for merging code into the main branches of TNC’ git repository.
  • Monitor the TNC CI/CD pipeline throughout all phases of a release cycle.  Respond to any issues as required by troubleshooting them and/or manually executing jobs.
  • Assist with maintaining and improving TNC’s use of front-end, and back-end build tools for rapid testing and deployment of AEM.
  • Assist technical support staff, project managers, and users as needed to support business applications by diagnosing production issues. Design and implement solutions for corrective action in consultation with user community and TIS support group.
  • Assist with the data standards in compliance with best practices that will facilitate integration between systems within TIS and its external partners.
  • Assist lead of a Center of Excellence to acquire, maintain, expand, and convey knowledge of relevant technologies and businesses supported.
  • Attend and possibly conduct training classes to maintain knowledge base of current technology. Review technical publications on pertinent topics.
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