Kenya PFP Lead Planner

Kenya PFP Lead Planner

Type of offer:

Kenya Project Finance for Performance (PFP) is a complex conservation approach designed to ensure durable financing for a region’s conservation priorities. PFP combines a robust strategic plan for conservation with fully secured financing to generate long-term, durable conservation outcomes. For Kenya, TNC is leading the development of the PFP in partnership with the government of Kenya and local stakeholders and rights-holders. The PFP will be designed to contribute significantly to durable protection of important natural ecosystems to achieve biodiversity, climate change, and human well-being outcomes. To achieve this robust vision, an extensive planning process for the PFP is required that compiles information to inform conservation planning, funding needs, financing mechanisms, governance, and government relations.

The Kenya PFP Lead Planner oversees all aspects of Kenya PFP conservation plan and is ultimately responsible to deliver the PFP conservation blueprint which is acceptable to all parties. The Lead Planner will integrate science, community benefits and financial planning into an integrated plan to deliver on the Kenya PFP conservation goal.  The Lead Planner constitutes and manages multiple technical teams simultaneously, taking responsibility for delivery and quality of content. Working with planning experts, they facilitate agreement on key deal components including PFP scope (geographic and thematic), high-level goals, major activities, and indicators.

The Lead Planner works closely with the Kenya PFP Project Director, the Kenya PFP Team and Committees, the TNC Durable Protection Strategy team and the Africa leadership team to advance progress across all elements of the PFP Conservation Plan to ensure that this initiative delivers strong outcomes during the implementation period for biodiversity, climate and people.

The Kenya PFP Lead Planner reports to the Kenya PFP Project Director, the position will be based at the TNC office in Nairobi, Kenya.


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Role Scope and Key Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for facilitating and delivering the major plans under the PFP: financial plan (including both costing and sustainable financial mechanisms), conservation plan, community benefit plan and climate plan.
  • Convene technical teams and ensure collaboration and information sharing across the various planning workstreams.
  • Synthesize data and content from the various planning workstreams and produce updates, reports, slide decks, and other materials that feed into the PFP deal negotiations and final closing conditions and agreements.
  • Working with planning experts, facilitate agreement on key deal components including PFP scope (geographic and thematic), high-level goals, major activities, and indicators.
Location: Kenya
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: August 28, 2022
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