Legal Trainee

Legal Trainee

Type of offer:

At ClientEarth, we offer an internship for lawyers who are completing their German Legal Traineeship Programme (“Referendariat”). Germany has a mandatory training and internship programme for all lawyers to prepare them for the Second State Examination – the exam required to become a judge, attorney, prosecutor, etc. We are pleased to offer aspiring environmental lawyers and change-makers the opportunity to spend their elective internship at ClientEarth.

We are a legal and environmental charity that uses the power of the law to fight against climate change and to protect nature and the environment. In Germany, we currently focus on:

  • Fossil Fuel Infrastructure: industrial emissions, especially from coal-fired power plants. We have staff working at European and national levels.
  • Governmental and corporate responsibility for climate change
  • Biodiversity loss, especially through agriculture and forestry
  • International governance and environmental law.

Trainee lawyers will work on one of these topics. We ask that you indicate your preferences and specific knowledge when applying.

Typical tasks on your traineeship

  • Drafting legal opinions and memos
  • Drafting requests for information to government agencies
  • Legal research on environmental law issues
  • Background research on emerging policy issues
  • Attending meetings with NGOs and other stakeholders
  • Taking part in the process of litigation, meetings with external lawyers, etc.
Location: Berlin
Organization: Client Earth
Deadline: March 31, 2021
External website link: