Manager, Investment Fundraising

Manager, Investment Fundraising

Type of offer:

The Manager of Investment Fundraising will support the Director of Investment Fundraising in meeting NatureVest’s goal of raising investment capital to support The Nature Conservancy’s impact investment pipeline. Unlike a traditional nonprofit fundraiser, this person will work specifically with impact investors, those who seek a return on their capital in addition to achieving a conservation outcome. The Manager of Investment Fundraising will identify and qualify prospective investors and donors, including individuals, family offices, foundations, and investment firms. In this capacity, they may help draft external fundraising materials and coordinate and manage other aspects of the impact capital fundraising process, including coordinating conversations between NatureVest deal leads and investors.  This may also include managing the overall fundraising process for a specific deal.  The Manager will need to work with a diverse set of internal and external stakeholders to ensure the Conservancy is able to meet its impact capital goals.  This may include educating Conservancy colleagues on impact investing generally and how NatureVest targets impact investors, as well as playing an important role in bridging the differences between how Conservancy colleagues and investor partners may approach and talk about a given investment opportunity.  They will build relationships with current and potential investors as well as Conservancy colleagues to assist in the development and execution of impact investing fundraising plans. Finally, they will maintain and update fundraising systems, and track impact capital fundraising across the Conservancy. They will be required to use the Conservancy’s donor/investor database and the NatureVest proprietary investor database.


  • Support fundraising efforts for all of the Conservancy’s impact capital deals including the identification and cultivation of new investor relationships and the stewardship of current investors.
  • Manage the fundraising process for specific NatureVest deals, including internal processes and external prospect outreach.
  • Assist in the creation of content for NatureVest collateral including pitch decks, tear sheets, investor memos, financial and impact reporting, and diligence documents.
  • Liaise with the Conservancy’s Technology & Information Systems, Treasury, and Philanthropy Departments to ensure impact capital is correctly and efficiently expressed in fundraising systems.
  • Modify current processes and systems for coordinating and tracking prospects and documenting conversations and moves with prospects.
  • Respond to incoming inquiries on an ad hoc basis.
  • Train others in the investment fundraising process, including training on legal restrictions and educating about impact investment fundraising in general.
  • Help ensure compliance with TNC policies and procedures and external (investor/legal/IRS) requirements; be alert to ethical compliance issues.
  • Maintain confidentiality of frequently sensitive and emotionally charged information.
  • Act independently within broad program goals to prioritize tasks in the absence of specific instructions and exercise independent judgment to identify and solve problems.
  • Manage projects with several variables, set realistic deadlines, manage a timeline, and ensure accountability.
  • Persuasively convey the mission and work of NatureVest and TNC to diverse groups who are important to the organization’s overall success.
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