Managing Editor (Asia Pacific)

Managing Editor (Asia Pacific)

Type of offer:

Greenpeace International is hiring a Managing Editor for our global communications hub in the Asia Pacific region. The Managing Editor leads the Asia Pacific communications hub and supports a global network of staff to develop and implement the public profile of Greenpeace and its campaigns in cooperation with National Regional Organisations and global campaign projects.

As part of the co-leadership together with the other Managing Editors, maintain a 24/7 news desk to respond to inquiries and distribute content across all of Greenpeace International’s channels.

The Editor amplifies the reach and impact of Greenpeace content by deciding which national stories are promoted to international audiences, responding to breaking news of regional & global significance, actively monitoring and engaging traditional and social media, and managing a global news calendar. The role also supports ship communications, internal communications and large-scale rapid response in the region, in coordination with National Regional Organisations.

The Managing Editor is uniquely positioned to offer leadership in connecting the Greenpeace communications community, identifying cutting-edge trends in public engagement, as well as internal capacity building, induction and skills training. Working with the Hub Coordinator, the Managing Editors support the continued development of principles, policies and positions.

Main responsibilities of this role include:

  1. Global Project Engagement Strategy and editorial review
  2. Coordination and management
  3. Knowledge of media and technology
  4. Relationship building and networking
  5. Community leadership, capacity building and internal communications
  6. Staff management, budget monitoring and reporting
  7. Responsive and critical incident communications
  8. Monitoring and tracking
Location: Remote
Organization: Greenpeace
Deadline: April 17, 2022
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