Media Officer (M/F/D)

Media Officer (M/F/D)

Type of offer:

We are seeking a motivated and press-savvy media officer to join our growing organization. Working in the media engagement team, the new officer will maintain and grow ongoing, meaningful engagement with journalists and other influencers to tell the FSC story, as well as support the team in crisis management.


Main Roles and Responsibilities

  • To write and develop press releases, media kits, FAQs, spokesperson briefings, etc.
  • To develop and maintain an engaging media resource page on the website.
  • To support in developing and implementing media projects such as webinars, media trips and press briefings.
  • To maintain and grow FSC’s relationships with the media by responding to enquiries in a timely manner. This involves coordinating with other teams within FSC to gather information for responses.
  • To support in developing media pitches by identifying stories, researching, and connecting with the right people from the FSC network for information exchange.
  • To manage media projects to increase awareness of FSC’s impact among intended audiences.
  • To support in crisis communications.
  • Regular monitoring of media activity using online tools and identifying issues and threats when they arise.
  • To liaise and maintain relationships with FSC network offices to promote exchange of stories and achievements.
  • To undertake media research and establish the best way to reach audiences.
  • To produce media reports for certain publications or topics using existing online tools.
Location: Bonn, Germany
Organization: Forest Stewardship Council
Deadline: February 6, 2022
External website link: