Mitigation Restoration Crew Member

Mitigation Restoration Crew Member

Type of offer:

The Mitigation Restoration Crewmember will be based out of the Grand River Fen preserve located near Horton, MI. The primary role of this position is invasive plant removal on three private landowner properties within the Grand River Fen portfolio site to help restore prairie fens and oak savannahs ecosystems near Grand River Fen preserve. The Mitigation Restoration crewmember will be part of a 2-person crew that will work specifically on private landowner’s properties throughout the duration of this position. 

Two offers will be made to fill the Mitigation Restoration Crewmember positions. These are full-time, 7.5-month positions with a tentative start date of September 2021. Due to current TNC guidelines concerning COVID-19, housing may be available for these positions for the duration of this position. The hourly rate for these positions is $17/hour.


  • Works under close or infrequent supervision.
  • May work in variable weather conditions, at remote locations for long periods of time in isolated settings, on difficult and hazardous terrain and under physically demanding circumstances.                
  • Requires considerable physical exertion and/or muscular strain.  
  • Properly identify native and invasive plant species.
  • Control invasive plant species with the use of herbicide application through cut-stump treatments and backpack spraying.  
  • Record treatment applications with the use of GPS/GIS and online database system.  
  • Maintain and upkeep of restoration equipment.
  • May interact with private landowners on a regular basis.
  • May participate in brush pile burning or prescribed fire operations.                 
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