Operations Coordinator

Operations Coordinator

Type of offer:

The Operations Coordinator is responsible for managing the Boston Office and performing multiple administrative functions within the Massachusetts Chapter. They maintain all office systems and equipment, work with the landlord to ensure the office is running effectively, creates and communicates policies and procedures, and is ultimately responsible for reception and mail distribution. The Operations Coordinator is responsible for managing accounts payable by working with various staff to ensure invoices are paid efficiently and works with staff and vendors to troubleshoot accounting problems and create reports. They assist the Operations team with preparing the annual budget. They are responsible for overseeing the youth safety program for the Chapter by ensuring compliance, tracking, and assisting staff with safety plans. The Operations Coordinator supports specific administrative functions in other offices in Massachusetts and assists with events/meeting logistics as needed.

This full-time position is based in Boston and reports to the Director of Operations. They are a key member of a small Operations team that works closely to ensure the overall smooth functioning of all TNC facilities in Massachusetts.



With the Director of Operations, oversee administration and efficiency in all Chapter facilities. Specifically:

  • Manage and maintain the Boston Office to keep it functional and efficient. Function as the main liaison with the landlord for office maintenance, cleaning and repairs. Manage thermostats/HVAC issues and office security. Coordinate TNC publications/swag with other departments as needed. Create and communicate office-specific policies and procedures to staff.
  • Maintain all Boston office systems and equipment (i.e. copier, postage meter, printers, kitchen appliances) and track/negotiate related contracts and agreements. Purchase office equipment and supplies. May assist the IT Technician with operation and programming tasks involved with the telephone/voicemail system.
  • Act as Boston receptionist which includes sitting at reception and greeting visitors, ensuring reception is kept neat and publications updated, managing phones (forwarding calls and returning generic voicemails) and processing incoming/outgoing mail and donations.
  • Assist the Director of Operations with managing and coordinating subtenants.
  • Ensure landscape offices in Northampton and Sheffield are running optimally. Help to coordinate vendors, ensure equipment is working properly and contracts are current. Ensure policies and procedures related to office security and safety are current and understood. May take on landscape-based administrative projects as time allows. Travel to landscape offices as needed and at least 3 times/year.
  • Work with Director of Operations to ensure all office safety/emergency plans, including documentation and training, are current. Act as secondary Send Word Now (emergency notification software) user.
  • Assist with administration of housing facilities in Chatham and Martha’s Vineyard as needed.


  • Manage the accounts payable system. This includes working within the SAP Concur system to prepare invoices, resolve problems relating to accounts payable, and maintain productive relationships with vendors. Track invoices paid and projects/accounts charged; train staff and act as a resource to all staff in answering payment questions.
  • In conjunction with the Development department, deposit incoming checks in a compliant and timely manner.
  • Work with Director of Finance to track leases, update TNC lease team on additions and changes and complete quarterly certifications of all leases in and out.
  • In partnership with Operations colleagues in Massachusetts, assist with annual budgeting. Create tracking reports as needed.


  • Develop and manage all shared documents and resources (i.e. directories, policies, guides). Ensure resources are kept current and easily accessible to all staff.  
  • Assist the Director of Operations with onboarding new employees and interns.
  • Manage assets inventory and related updates to insurance company.
  • Organize and coordinate registrations and associated paperwork for vehicle fleet.
  • Manage Chapter youth safety program by ensuring staff/volunteers are certified and understand TNC policies and procedures. Develop a centralized Chapter-wide tracking system for youth-related activities and work with staff to ensure plans/paperwork are in place.
  • Administer the Chapter Bluebikes account.
  • Assist with the coordination of office events and staff-wide meetings. May provide meeting support and support the IT Technician with A/V troubleshooting in meeting rooms.
  • Monitor Chapter email account.
  • In coordination with the Director of Operations, represent Operations on various Chapter and/or Divisional teams.
  • May assist the Director of Operations with operations related tasks and projects.
  • Does not supervise any staff but may help plan and direct the work of volunteers or interns.
  • Prioritize tasks in the absence of specific instructions and make day-to-day decisions within the scope of work assignments; duties are performed according to instructions or established practices and supervisor will resolve any problems or questions.
  • Work overtime as needed (infrequently). Work environment involves only infrequent exposure to disagreeable elements and minor physical exertion and/or strain.
Location: Massachusetts
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: May 2, 2021
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